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  1. I thought they merged x86 last year?
  2. Ask for a replacement after phoning Tesco up because you'll need a code for the exchange :)
  3. Try this and see if it works? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.texdroider.texdroider_dpi&hl=en_GB
  4. If we can generate enough hype and excitement for Lollipop on the Hudl 2 then I'm sure Tesco will get it out for us, or maybe a custom ROM developer could port over a build of AOSP Lollipop for us, but either way, it's all still possible.
  5. As some of you may know, there is a popular modification to the Android Operating System that goes under the name of 'Cyanogenmod' What I'm hoping to achieve with this thread is a build of Cyanogenmod for our Hudl 2's. I'm pretty sure we can submit a device request or something along the lines of that, then a developer may want to pick up their own Hudl 2 and start development, lets make this happen! Come back me up on the thread guys, someone will do it if we work hard enough to get recognition for our device! Thread: http://forum.cyanogenmod.org/topic/101865-tesco-hudl-2/
  6. ~Thread Update~ Hello all, I just picked up my Hudl 2 so now I can contribute atleast something to the MoDaCo website! Will be updating original thread with benchmark scores and guides to complete 'de-tesco' the Hudl and make it seem like an 8 inch Nexus 7! See you all soon! :)
  7. Just saying I'll be getting my Hudl on Tuesday so I may be able to help test things (Within reason, don't want a brick! I'm only using the Hudl as a media consumption/small video game device)
  8. Introducing Tesco's newest edition of their Hudl tablet, the Hudl 2. Specifications: Processor: Intel Atom quad-core @ 1.83GHz Memory: 2GB Storage: 16GB (32GB micro SD) Display: 8.3" 1920x1200 LCD @ 273 ppi Android version: 4.4.2 (Current) Height: 8.82 inches Width: 5.04 inches Weight: 410g Camera(s): 5MP back, 1.2MP front Battery: 5710 mAh Rooting: The current root method for the Hudl 2 was created by Paul O'brien. The steps to rooting must be followed thoroughly, failing to do so will put your device at risk. His thread explaining the root process can be found here: http://www.modaco.com/topic/373642-how-to-root-your-hudl-2/ Custom ROMs, Kernels and Recoveries: The process of getting Custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, recoveries like TWRP, and advanced Kernels has not been figured out yet as there are complications making the whole method difficult. However as soon as a method is found be sure to check this post as I will update it accordingly with the newest links available at the time, again any steps you have to take must be followed exactly as described. A list of Custom ROMs, Kernels, and Recoveries will be listed below when they become available. Fastboot/adb drivers: Having these downloaded and installed would be a smart move for any Hudl 2 owner, as you may find yourself needing them in the future if you would like to hack into your device yourself. You can download them here: http://loadbalancing.modaco.com/download.php?file=adbfastboothudl.zip (Thank you to Paul O'brien) FAQ: Q: Will the Hudl 2 get Lollipop (Android 5.0) ? A: It is very un-likely that the Hudl 2 will receive Lollipop due to Tesco's literal lack of interest that we saw from the previous Hudl last year, maybe they learned from their mistakes? Only time will tell. Q: What is a "Custom ROM" ? A: In the world of Android, a custom ROM is an alteration of the Android Operating system that has been created with the intentions of making the device it is made for faster, custom ROMs can also offer features that the stock version of Android doesn't offer, like native overclocking and root access. Q: What is a recovery? A: Recoveries like Clockwork Recovery (CWM) and Team Win Recovery (TWRP) are made to replace a devices stock recovery method set in place by it's manufacturer. The stock recoveries are very limited in what they can do and are often only used for updating the version of Android on said devices, custom recoveries allow the wiping of cache, dalvik cache, factory resetting the device, flashing custom ROMs, and even backing up the current Operating System in case anything goes wrong, they're like safety nets for all custom ROM/Root users. Q: What is "root access?" A: Root essentially means that you have root (or superuser) access to the file system on Android. It is similar to being “administrator” on a Windows PC. It has nothing to do with your device or the bootloader, it has to do with the Android OS Benchmarks: Gallery here: http://imgur.com/a/Qm7y8 - thanks to CosmicSpacehead - Special thanks: Paul O'brien - Rooting the Hudl 2 Tesco - Creating the Hudl 2 -list to be updated.-
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