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  1. Realise this is an old thread, but just want to check before I go ahead and possibly do something stupid. I used this tutorial to root my Orange MC, but now I'm going to be getting a new phone and the monte carlo will be going to my Dad who doesn't need root so I want to reset the phone back to factory. (And it's a bit more learning for me, :D). I've read a few threads on rooting and flashing, and from what I can tell, I should just be able to use adb to flash the stock image from the stock images thread onto my MC? A question I have though, is that, from what I can see, this tutorial doesn't do anything to the stock recovery img on the phone, so can this be used to revert the phone back to standard? Using adb > fastboot flash recovery recovery.img ? Or does that not do what I think it does? Also, I presume that if I flash the stock orange image back onto the device, it will be sim locked to orange again and I'll have to unlock it again? Thanks Cerberus

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