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  1. Sounds like the Hudl is the one to go for then ☺ Thanks All
  2. Thanks for your replies, very useful. I think I am leaning towards the Hudl....... But not certain yet.
  3. Hi All, I'd like some guidance on a decision I need to make. I'm going to get a tablet mainly for my 6 year old, although my wife may use it a bit. I've seen some good reviews for the Hudl2, and I believe it has some good parental guidance software which I presume utilises the standard restrictive profiles plus some extras. Also double clubcard vouchers makes it very cheap!! On the other hand, I like to have up to date software and like the Nexus range. I therefore thought if I could get hold of an N7, maybe refurbished or second hand, it could be a good option. Could I set up an N7 with the same amount of parental guidance functionality as the Hudl2? So...... Hudl or N7 for a child? What do people think?
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