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  1. Try to clean install rom. Twrp: factory reset, wipe system, cache and dalvik. And then flash rom.
  2. Try open titanium back up, wipe data on systemui. Dwyor.
  3. My daily driver was on material by Lan with few change by 77chedu. Thanks @spland and @77chedu Awesome works!
  4. Try these: .factory reset .wipe cache .wipe dalvik .format system Then flash the rom Note: dont restore data via recovery. Just Titanium Backup.
  5. Does this version fixed overheat when playing game mr.77chedu? Ive tested many Material L on all neighbourhood, and the problem still persist. Hope forward on your latest release. I will try it. Thx for your share. Cheers
  6. Your material 2.1 + kernel lael v3 = great battery back up. Some how ive been trying pushed laek camera, still not working (camera fc) event i copying libs of laek. Hahaha.. Nevermind.. Your work is good! Just for gaming (not hard one) im found mine become hot increasingly Hopefully its only mine. Dont know the others.. Thx
  7. Ive been installed your latest, it works great! The camera has a nice feature too. Thank you for your hard work. It seem i always stick with your work. Thx again. Btw, when i set brightness to low, the screen seem blink/flicker, idk.
  8. Dear @77chedu, i really enjoy with your L rom, can i ask a favor? If you could push laek camera to your rom, it will be much appreciated. It because of the features on laek camera like: hand gesture, voice capture, etc. Thank you for your great efforts.
  9. I think its lewa based on kk. Worth to try it.
  10. Try cool camera, it ported by Wahyu Tribidanto, Indonesia. Flash it through recovery. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9jc2WKg55O8dThGQTk2WkpPakU/edit?usp=docslist_api Bug: couldnt play video on gallery, solved with third video apps
  11. Hi all, i would ask a favor, i wanna cherry picks laek aosp camera, could you give me some advices? Beside gallery.apk, which libs that should i pick? Thanks in advance.
  12. Wow, im a little excited here. I want to try it, could you direct me to the link? Ah, I forgot, i didn't notice several post up here. Well, I'll stick around then. Thx
  13. Wow, im a little excited here. I want to try it, could you direct me to the link?
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