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  1. Desolutional

    Red warning logo above dead android recovary

    Have you tried placing it into fastboot mode and flashing the rooted ROM?
  2. Desolutional

    January OTA feedback for Tesco

    Nothing. Do you want to know the truth? The Hudl is a cheap Chinese tablet. The only difference being that Tesco have branded it as their own. The Chinese are the ones who provide the updates. But here's the caveat; they charge money for updates. Tesco, is a bit stingy with cash after their recent publicity - so won't pay for any updates, unless there is significant issues with the Hudl 2 in the grand scheme of things. Only ~5% actually complain about this battery issue; the rest are all less educated about tech (i.e. your stereotypical food and grocery Tesco shopper), so as a result, just think it's normal. Now... if we were to gather all the battery problem people up and storm Tesco's theoretical castle, in the same way nVidia GTX 970 users are about the 3.5GB VRAM issue, then maybe they'll actually reach into those deep coffers and pull out some monies for some Pegatron updates. But as it stands, that, ain't gonna' happen.
  3. I returned my original Hudl, and they simply opened the box, looked at it, closed the box and gave me my cash back. It's Tesco, a food place, not PC World. (Even though PC World don't know what they're doing half the time either)
  4. Desolutional

    January OTA analysis and discussion

    Ma boi; trying installing Apollo Music Player (https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95784891001614565) and accessing the "Equaliser" function from the 3-dot menu button. Post back results?
  5. Desolutional

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Yep, and when you actually "get rid of root", what you're doing is deleting the "permanent" apps inside the /system directory. The /system directory is never wiped when doing a factory reset. If you break anything in /system, a factory reset won't help. That's why you should never uninstall any system apps on the Hudl 2 if you're planning on updating it.
  6. Desolutional

    Screen sensitivity after update.... yay

    The glass itself is pretty damn strong for a tablet, and resistant to scratching, so there's no real point in buying a shite screen protector.
  7. Desolutional

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Even if you update you will lose root. I suppose you could try reflashing the original rooted image and uninstalling root and SuperSU, then updating.
  8. Desolutional

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Best practice is to wait until Paul provides an updated /system image (though I'm faffing about with Linux dd and cat at the moment).
  9. Time to hit the gym? Many of these tablets are OEM from China, and the Chinese do most of the dev work as you say, which means a much lower amount of support for the platform itself.
  10. Desolutional

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Does this mean /system can be mounted as R/W too?
  11. Desolutional

    hudl 2 update coming January the 5th 2015

    Ya, I wanna' know how he does it. So I can pop my own /system apps on my ROM image before I bake it and flash it.
  12. Desolutional

    Have i got a faulty Tablet??

    Google Play Services can do this sometimes as it becomes more "homely" with the new device. It tends to issue thousands of "NlpWakelocks" during its period of initialisation where it is trying to find your location (nothing malicious mind), and enable location services. Why it does this, I have no idea, blame Google. Pop it back on charge for a day or so, then try again. Restart the device and leave it idle for a few hours. If that hasn't fixed it, then it might genuinely be an issue with the ROM. In summary, leave it on charge overnight. Take off charger in morning and restart device, leave it to "sleep" all day. If significant battery drain is still seen, then it's time to go to Tescos. My CyanogenMod phone does this too after updating some Google apps.
  13. Desolutional

    Custom ROMS for the Hudl 2

    Stock rooted ROM, Xposed Framework and a feature pack like "GravityBox" fills in most of the custom ROM functionality.
  14. Desolutional

    Peculiar display glitch - not sure how to explain - see photos

    It's a universal issue due to the GPU drivers which utilise the Intel HD graphics core. It usually only happens when changing launchers; as you say, a reboot fixes it by flushing cache.
  15. Desolutional

    hudl 2 update coming January the 5th 2015

    You're not meant to lick the HDMI port, nor any other port... (I don't get any shocks from any port whilst charging, like awarner said, static)

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