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  1. Hi guys, Screen has cracked on the Hudl2. I now have the crazy trippy LCD look where colours are all over the place, and can't actually see much on the display correctly. Any ideas, where to get a screen replacement, and steps to replace the screen? Thanks, Kasam
  2. Can also confirm incorrect time when set automatically. Is there any way to report such bugs?
  3. Flash: Can it be made to work via root? Or does anyone know why it does not work?
  4. Any luck? Dolphin browser crashes for me on a flash website. I'm reading it's to do with the fact it's an Intel atom? CPU.
  5. So on the first Hudl2, I had no Cast Screen option, installed Chromecast, excast, localcast, none of them had the ability to Cast Screen. I had to return that due to a screen defect. On the second and replacement Hudl2, I have not installed anything, not even Chromecast, but I have the Cast Screen available. Not sure what is different? There was a 113MB update, but I think that applied to the first one. So could it be some internal update somewhere? Just to clarify, both Hudl2 were able to use the app based casting, e.g. Youtube, but the above is for the Cast Screen actions - which effectively casts any app, including games.
  6. I'm on my second Hudl and both get very hot. There is a CPU temp app which was saying 50C. I used a heat sensor gun which measured 35-39. This is only near the top just below the camera. Presumably that is where the CPU sits. Might have to use a case to save my hands from burningburni especially in landscape mode!
  7. I'm on a non rooted stock hudl2 and I somehow now have the cast screen button enabled to mirror the desktop. Including audio from locally stored files.
  8. Well it is due to be out for Nexus 5 and preinstalled for 9 from today. Many of the other manufacturers have come out with which of their devices will be supportedsupported, supportedit would be a statement of intent if Tesco did.
  9. I believe it will be FAT32 - as they have no Microsoft License for other formats. So sounds like a hard limit on 4GB file sizes. OTG cable it is then?
  10. Took delivery, turned it on, noticed the black screen and one tiny green dot. A stuck pixel, not very obvious when in normal mode, but on a black screen it's very obvious. Also noticed the left smaller speaker grill has a raspy sound when playing certain audio, not been able to pinpoint to exactly what that is. No question asked replacement given, hoping that one is a bit better. Despite the above imperfections, I did watch a TV Show, which I couldn't notice either of the above during normal use
  11. I called up their technical helpline, at first they said,they should get Lollipop, but after inquiring about when, they gave a stock answer of "no dates" and can't confirm or deny it will happen, standard line I guess, until it is (if it is,) made available.
  12. It is the latest and most up to date and biggest Google Android update to date, and coming just shortly after the Hudl 2, it would be great to get the updates. They include the new battery optimisation, notification system, the new material design look and feel, and the whole pick up from another device interaction could work well with a phone.
  13. Hello, has anyone heard anything about Hudl2 getting Android 5.0 Lollipop, which is about to be released? Is it worth pestering them on Twitter about it? Or perhaps a petition, so they can see how popular a feature it is for owners to have.
  14. So, are the limitations, that the card needs to be FAT32 format? (with the caveat some 64GB cards work, and some don't). If it is FAT32, can anyone confirm that also means the max filesize per single file has a 4GB limit? Which will be a bummer for some large video files/game files? etc.
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