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  1. Hi, a noob question please. I root my phone with Kingo Root, the SuperSU is installed, and I can use Titanium Backup for example. This means that I have the bootloader unlock? I want to install TWRP and after that to flash a custom ROM. Please, can somebody help me with the right steps to do this? Thank you.
  2. Well, I do not have acces to this site. :blink: Actually I'm from Romania. Alternative solution? Thanks. H-maniac By the way, this a multilingual ROM?
  3. Hello everybody, first of all, sorry for my poor English, it's not my native language. I'm totally a newbie, so I need some advice from you. Recently I bought 2 pcs of Huawei G510-01100 phones (Android version 4,1.1., Kernel: 3.4.0-perf- [email protected]#1 ; Build no.: G510-0100V100R001C02B195). 1 SIM card, 2G, 3G (900, 2100 MHz), NFC. These phones will be used by my wife and my 10 yo son. I will ask a friend to replace the stock ROM's with better ones. As I see in this topic, there a lots of ROM's. (First of all, the new ROM must be multilingual, including good translations in Hungarian (Magyar) and in Romanian (Romana) languages to. Need the 3G, the Wi-Fi, the NFC, root etc. functions to. Otherways I expect from a custom ROM a good, stable performance, with less bugs. My son probably will play on his phone, to.) So, what do you recommend? (PS. Off topic: The same question regarding a Xiaomi Hongmi 1s phone. In a couple of weeks I will buy this phone for myself. As I see on other forums (http://www.needrom.com/download/redmi-1s-wcdma-global-multi-4-3-no-spywarebloatware/), the Xiaomi MIUI ROM is full of spywares, adwares, probably I will need a custom ROM for that phone to...) Thanks. Regards, H-maniac
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