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  1. willtsuru

    [Tuto] Coolpad 8730L

    Hi all After too many hard work and research over internet and own experiences Ive finally done my Coolpad 8730L work fully with play store!!!! Was incredible the sensation when I saw the apps updating on Google play store (vide photo)! I'm thinking in write a tutorial on how about do this
  2. willtsuru

    [Tuto] Coolpad 8730L

    Hi thanks for your answer I understand and I think that is very good phone but hard to manipulate it. In my case the playstore was installed icluding the palyservices but dont works. I think that is because the app manager included in the ROM original of this phone Ive rooted it but Im unsure to delete the files of the original ROM and the phone stops work. And just to inform that at least here in Japan its works on 4G LTE-FDD of NTT DOCOMO but the 4G connection drops many times turning back to 3G and the frequency as I can see is the 2100 MHz Thanks for any help on tje playstore.
  3. willtsuru

    [Tuto] Coolpad 8730L

    Hi all Im new here but if you need I can translate the ROM to japanese and brazilian portuguese. Thanks and advance

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