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  1. No mate I won't disagree with the typing to fast issue I'm doing it now and typing as fast as I can and its missed twice up to now. But typing at my normal rate it has not missed yet! I didn't really fast type test on a hudl2 so can't say if its better or worse. But I've not experienced any lag at all so far if anything the lifetab is more fluent. Only problem I have had is with a game I had on the hudl2 won't run on this? Avp evolution I'd have thougt being similar spec there wouldn't be a problem but I'm no expert. And its a small price to pay. All my other games seem to run better. But like I've said its early days yet. And in the 2 stores local to me they had no demo units? For more info see the medion site http://aldi.medion.com/md98992/uk/?refPage=medion
  2. Hudl2 and lifetab have same resolution check the spec on the new 1 its a s10346 I've had androids from nexus 1 I have now a nexus 4 (perfect size phone I doubt I'll upgrade anytime soon) that's just gone on to lollipop and its glitchy has hell kills the battery randomly restarts flashlight won't turn off constant freezes etc so I know all about how buggy some things can get but I say this with regret because I did like my hudl2 but tesco obviously rushed this to the shelves without proper testing? In my opinion for it to have so many faults out the box? This lifetab is probably full of problems I'm sure I'll find something to moan about but after using all day I'm well happy with it I've wrote a mini review/comparison on here in another section
  3. Just got myself 1 of these as an upgrade to my faulty returned hudl2 (£129) This has similar spec but has more storage and a larger screen for just £20 extra (£149.99) I think it's well worth it, it even came bundled with headphones, a stand and an otg cable unlike tescos latest attemp! A few of the specs off the box CPU is a 1.8GHZ quad core Intel atom same as hudl2 Full HD 1920x1200 IPS display 10.1 inch hudl2 is 8.3 32GB internal memory hudl2 is 16 2GB ram same as hudl2 2mp front 5mp rear camera same as hudl2 2 front facing speakers hudl2 at rear 13 hour battery life don't remeber advertised spec of hudl2 battery but it lasted around 3 hours under heavy use this lifetab had 80% out of the box and I've been on it 7 hours already and still has 20% remaining Also has infrared sensor so can use remote apps etc Has a good quality feel to it. Only had it a few hours and already I'm well impressed Benchmarked it with antutu and scored just under 36k hudl2 scored just under 30k but that app is not the most accurate :( Real racing 3 and modern combat 5 run fluently ;) Plenty of bundled useful apps Beats the hudl2 hands down in my opinion just hope I don't have as many problems with my new toy ;) Only downside are the speakers even though front facing and loud and clear, they don't pack the punch of the hudl 2 But if I was to make a recommendation I would say buy the lifetab unless you get the hudl2 with club card boost at half price then buy that instead and hope the upcoming updates fix the problems! And I'll keep my fingers crossed that this lifetab is not also riddled ;) And for the haters this is just my opinion from my own experiences using both tablets, my advice is free I don't expect anybody to listen everyone has a preference and this one is mine.
  4. I was trying to see the picture on the radio with my eyes closed ;)
  5. The outer surround on HDMI port to the outer surround on the micro USB port whilst charging gave a reading of 6.32 volts whilst charging and 0volts whilst not charging, enough to give me a constant tingle but I'm not here to argue this matter I came here to mention the upcoming update and tell people I wasn't happy with the faults of the hudl2 which I've now took back for a full (£129) refund and added £20 to it and purchased a medion lifetab 10.1 from aldi A lot of people on here are happy with the hudl 2 faults and a lot of people also got the club card boost so are happy with the £60 price tag. Hope you have a happy new year. Good luck with the upcoming update cya
  6. no mate sorry there is a constant 5v discharge from the hdmi port i checked with my multimeter not felt by holding in my hands but when i lay in bed and rest on my bare chest it gives enough out to cause a constant tingle! ***edit to say only whilst on charge***
  7. I rang Tesco direct to get a return code for my hudl2 as i've had every common fault found :( they told me an update was being released on Jan the 5th that should fix all my issues but ive had enough. Sorry i don't buy an item and expect it to not function as intended out the box??? Ive had the no charge issue, random time changes, white lines when moving in and out of sleep glitch, electric shocks from hdmi port whilst charging and the fact mines purple and it wont come clean? good luck with your hudl2's guys
  8. You can do this with folder mount IMO its much simpler ;)
  9. I assume this has been fixed now, I've had no issues with this game since the last update released earlier this month?
  10. I always use the original data cable and copy files straight to the external SD card from within windows explorer I really don't see the point of keep removing the SD card? Only problem I have encountered with movies is no sound but installing vlc media player soon sorted that minor niggle ;)
  11. Well I was thinking a wool buffer on my rotary tool? And I was aiming this at the hudl2 specifically I'm sure there are more people out there with an assortment of different coloured hudl 2s that have become dirty and need cleaning, just holding mine with relatively clean hands leaves dirty marks on the sides and are hard to get off. Maybe there is a tad interest in the field of chemistry but I am no chemist? I would just like to know what others are using to clean there hudl2 and if there are any suggestions on how to remove my staining without damaging the unit?
  12. You can't move apps to SD regardless of root permissions (blame google for that they removed the ability in KitKat) . I had to root then use folder mount to free up space on my h2 thanks to this forums great source of information and well educated users
  13. hi everyone take this as a warning not to buy cheap cases from ebay lol i purchased a flip case that turned into a stand a touchpen and screen protectors for less than £7 in a package from ebay i found my screen was less responsive than normal with the screen protectors fitted the touchpen never worked at all? and the case was a poor fit was ok as a stand but i decided to remove it all and get a refund off the seller which i have. now back to the topic in hand i have removed this cheap leather look case to find my purple h2 has black stains all over it around the edges mainly it looks like the die from the case has stained it! any ideas how i can get this off? i have tried baby wipes alcohol wipes carb cleaner soapy water on a cloth nothing gets it clean? might crack out the dremmel see if that cleans it up?
  14. URL: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=191398371412&alt=web I use that ↑^^^^^↑ on my hudl2 and it works fine on my new 60" 3d sharp aquos and works on my old 42" Hitachi alis plasma fast delivery as well ;)
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