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  1. flashed it, when i rebooted to recovery i had a black screen and couldn't do anything
  2. just a question, is there a way to change the kernel value? (i mean professional changing, i want to overclock my cpu and gpu, but with apps i cant go more than 1046/320 mhz freq)
  3. one of the most important reasons is that cm 10.1 doesnt have bloatware. and its more stable, is android 4.2, so has more software.
  4. doesnt work, my device didnt show any screen after flashing it and rebooting.
  5. the most stable is fonz cm 10.1 slimktat from chil360 (legacy type) was good for me as well the best for gaming is cm10 by jaccs (this one http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=779342) and i am using it right now
  6. Can you put the link to slim6? Sounds interesting.
  7. I dont remember, it was from the aosba project, they probably have said that on their site.
  8. are we talking about dirty unicorns or aicp?
  9. Can i ask, if you have a way to overclock the cpu & gpu, i would apprEciate it, since i cant find a way to tune my y300 to more than 1046 mhz. Did some research as well
  10. pesartom

    AOSP ROM 5.1.1

    I had installed this version long ago, fonz had made a topic for it in modaco, i dont remember it having good performance.
  11. pesartom

    AOSP ROM 5.1.1

    I asked because in my country i cant access youtube.
  12. pesartom

    AOSP ROM 5.1.1

    And its link is??
  13. I know, i used slimkat legacy for 8 months, but there not stock, aosb kk had much better gaming performance. I just want to know will someone make a stock kk?

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