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  1. test some. i guess they are a lot of games that have no (or a little) lag since dungeon hunter 4 (i tested it) is a heavy game and it runed it smoothly. ill test other heavier games with beta 8 and ill give mt feedback (asphalt 8, dh5, rr3, . . .).
  2. feedback for beta7: it feels much more laggy than beta 4. i have updated everything. it took more than 10 mins for installing the google play service update. in games its also more laggy maybe its for the google launcher? (i dont know) anyway, i wont recommend beta 7 for daily use.
  3. can you consider uploading the rom on another site as well? i dont have a high speed internet and mega isnt a good one for me. thanks
  4. is that possible? hw decoding? im on cm10 gamer right now (just for playing real racing 3!!! :), i want the new Lamborghini) again great job.
  5. i just had a blackscreen. i guess you get one after not touching the device for a long time (in my case it was 12 hours)
  6. so far smoothest rom from 5.0.0 and higher. GREAT JOB. i played dungeon hunter 4 without lag. real racing 3 had lag (even with various tweaks, ill try it without gapps next time). will you be making an android m rom anytime?
  7. can i use a command in somewhere (i dont know where) to add skipping tracks with volume buttons when the screen is off? i dont want to install xposed & gravitybox, they use ram. (i just downloaded the rom, havnt tested it yet)
  8. I clicked on that botton and it doesnt work, probably because of my country. I cant dl anything from that site
  9. will there be updates? is it smooth with normal games? (like COC) edit: i cant download from yadi.sk can someone give another link? (if possible)
  10. non, even without gapps its pretty laggy on normal games (like skyforce). i havnt tested gaming with swap.
  11. i downloaded the 0214 version and replaced it in cm13 0221 version, recovery cant open the zip
  12. tested the latest version without gapps, camera works fine, calling and sms too, havent tested wifi for long durations yet. is smooth enough for me for daily use. ill test other parts as well soon.
  13. If it was possible, or worth the effort, someone till now from kk roms should have done it.
  14. did the wifi work (connect to internet) without gapps? i flashed it with gapps but i cant connect to internet with wifi with any method possible.
  15. read the 1st post! you have to flash the rom AND gapps together so they dont crash
  16. has the wifi connection got any better? what about the keyboard? is there any bugs? (those not mentioned on 1st post)
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