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  1. i used that for near 8 months, i did sometimes flash another one (mostly lp, for testing) but i went back to slimkat with backup and i didnt have that problem
  2. best kitkat for what? daily use (smooth multi tasking), or gaming? in the ones i tried, i would recommend slimkat legacy for daily use the only bug!!! (it might not be a bug, but the developers feature) is that it reboots after disconnecting from a pc. you cant say which gapps is the best, ive downloaded gapps from opengapps ad different dates and they sometimes feel diffferent
  3. Cm 13 is still buggy for daily use, this (ive only used legacy build) is not.
  4. also i couldnt have internet via wifi, i switched on/off a lot and did 2 or 3 reboots didnt work
  5. just flashed it with gapps and supersu the data is working, havnt tested other things yet a bug that i have, the aosp keyboard is always closing, even after a reboot
  6. well, just in kk omni was the smoothest (in the ones i tested, nearly 15 roms) for gaming. im just guessing it may be smoother also in lp, but i havnt made anything till now, so i dont know.
  7. so far this is the best method for me: flashed omni rom kk 4.4.2 flashed gapps and super su DIDNT flash anything else after booting, installed "disable service" apk (it disables any service you pick from any app, user or system, permanently) this is the services i disabled from google play service: Accountbrodcastservice two started with: Advertising two started with: GoogleLocation LocationSharingSettingInjectorService ProxyGTalkService two started with: VoiceUnlock 4 started with: Wearable (disabling location means you cant use google maps and etc etc, but since im a gamer i dont care) i play real racing 3 and "NOVA 3 FE" really smooth. (for nova i had to go in a level, go back to main menu and go in the level again for it becoming smooth) i tested a lot of kk roms (1 from each branch) without gapps and omni was the best. its good with multitasking as well. the only bug i found was the back key not working in real racing 3 after a race, if you come out with the home key, it works again. if anyone can test this plz give a feedback, esp on the bug i mentioned.
  8. is there a chance for developing other roms? like omni? i am using omni kk and it is the smoothest for gaming. (i havnt tested ALL the kk roms, just one or 2 from each branch)
  9. i dont know if this thread will help, i will test it eventually for my own purposes. http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/373146-guide-tweaking-google-play-services-to-use-less-ram/?page=1 from testing i found out that in smallest gapps (play store & play services) the play service is causing lags and stuff like that.
  10. yes, it will format it. at least @chil360 said in first post that ext sd is adoptable.
  11. i just found out why! the gapps in the post only had play store, after installing play services, it had lags. I uninstalled services and again was smooth.
  12. just tested Cm10 Gamer_V1 real racing 3 was super smooth!!!
  13. new roms and please change @chil360 slimlp from 5.0.x to 5.1.x
  14. please READ the other posts, (at least last page), then ask!!!
  15. flash super su zip when flashing the rom and gapps. (i havnt tested on this, but on other roms it works)
  16. in this adoptable method, it says your sd card will be formatted and you cant use it in other devices without decrypting it. does that mean i cant use my sd card in other roms in that state? i dont think this rom will be good enough for daily use in the early versions.
  17. @Chil360 what will your update interval be? Nightly or when you fix something? Cant wait to test this.
  18. do you mean after a clean install of other roms, you had problems with them that you hadn't before?
  19. @chil360 just made a cm13 for y300 why nobody wants to make or use cm?
  20. @srfarias has a cm12.1 in his basketbuild site, but that hasn't been updated either.
  21. this is not cm, so slimroms dont give an update every night! be patient.
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