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  1. i don't remember our device having those non hardware buttons instead of hardware in those screenshot. its just like when lp come out, a three part ROM!!! EDIT: can't find it in xda
  2. @srfarias Is there any chance android M will be smoother than LP for our devices?
  3. @chil360 Is there any chance android M will be smoother than LP for our devices?
  4. i dont think he meant through internet. i guess he meant with apps like shareit which use wifi hotspot
  5. hasnt anyone tested gaming performance yet? if yes, what game was it and how did it perform? non of the other lp roms are good even for coc. (tested all except tesla)
  6. is there a way for us to help? or we should just wait and give feed backs after testing it?
  7. has anyone tested games with this rom? what games and do they run smooth?
  8. i downloaded this version of kk paranoid android http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=833552&page=2 so far its stable and smooth in multi tasking. for statusbar pulldown in full screen just install xposed and gravitybox runs real racing 3 really good. (im not saying it has 0% lag!!!). much better than aosb.
  9. going on resurrectionremix or android 6 or another device?
  10. I had lag problems outside of games with AOSPA (from luca), and i cant download EloYGomeZ version. by the way DONT install purepeformance!!! it makes a lot of lag (read the last posts in xda)
  11. im downloading 1.3.5 right now, ill test it and say my opinion in 1 or 2 days
  12. only kk? i used slimkat legacy for 9 months. i had no problems with it, the only bug was that after disconnecting from a computer (when its in mass storage form) it reboots. other than that it is still good even after this long time. i still have my nandroid backup from it. i dont know about carbon in long term. they say heros aosp mod 4.1.1 is the most stable, but for me it lags really heavily when its getting charged. cyano s5 4.2.2 was smooth and not bad for multitasking.
  13. ive tried them both before, but not for long term, for luca's aospa i said in a post before, that why i didnt use it anymore, but for carbon, it was smooth, i dont remember more than that.
  14. i have telegram and i had no problem with that. again i am saying aosb (the one i tried), is not good for multitasking!!! i checked right now and i have 170 mb of free ram in settings-apps-running, with no task killer or greenify.
  15. on which rom did you play nova 3 and wild blood? in aosb nova 3 FE has massive lags and i cant run wild blood.
  16. my conclusion for now: AOSB 1.3.3 is superb for games, but it becomes really laggy in multitasking. ill try 1.3.5 (latest 4.4.3 version) for now.
  17. what are your uses for the rom? normal or gaming? if normal try carbon rom also from luca http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/374065-rom-all-kk-carbonrom-444/ if gaming go for aosb 4.4.2 ( up till version 1.3.3), i am still testing it thow!!! http://probam.net/android-kikat-download/?device=u8951 but non of them are for u8230. i dont know about that cellphone
  18. Using aosb 4.4.2 The latest version is 1.3.3 RR3 was much smoother than paranoid, in 80 mins non stop gaming i only had 2 mins lag in 1 race, just the loading time in anything is long, even booting up and after booting. The skipps in music is much less. Ill stick to this for now.
  19. just a quick followup. after using paranoid android latest version. it runs real racing 3 more smoothly than cyano s5, but it has 2 thing that 1 of them will make me look for a better ROM. 1-there is no option to change the battery bar to text (i havnt tried editing build.prop) 2-playing music isnt gape less, and it made a funny hum in rr3. going to try AOSB 1.3.3 for now.
  20. In AOSB projects own site it has only to 1.2.9, and to 1.3.3 is for 4.4.2. which version should i download?
  21. I just tested Cyano s5 only with the SnapdragonX Neutral swap tweak, rr3 runs MUCH more smoothly than the other ROMs i tested. is AOSB better than this? i just found the 4.4.4 version.
  22. which kk was the best for you so far? Ive only tested cm 11 from Dazzozo and slimkat for games. what about jb? aosp mod is overall the most stable for everything in the roms i tested, but rr3 runs much smoother on stock b209. slimbean (25/4/15 version) suddenly became unstable. my main concern is being able to play rr3 pretty decently.
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