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  1. I used these on fonz cm 10.1. it became extremely laggy. esp after i opened real racing 3, it woulnt respond. i had to use the home button.
  2. what hd games do you run smoothly? i can run dungeon hunter 4 perfectly.
  3. can you run real racing 3 or asphalt 8 without lag? I cant do that with any kind of rom (stock and others form b199 - 5.1.1) i dont use any system tweaks thow. i just use a ram manager. from nq
  4. i installed exactly what you said, but it didnt work, couldnt download.
  5. does this ROM have an option for changing the main storage? i didnt find the option when i flashed the rom.
  6. latest build is dead, the one before it. i downloaded it but i cant instal it. had the same problem with fonz cm 10.1. is it only for 4.2.x android? i have no problem in instaling other versions. Edit: I was using cwm and couldnt flash it, but i managed to flash with twrp. so far one of the smoothest ROMs.
  7. @srfarias is the cm 12.1 in your basketbuild link working or is it just a test version? i didn't find a topic for it.
  8. There is a new build in the download section. But you havnt mentioned it in your 1st post yet.
  9. to busy with tesla os? ive given up on a lp for daily use rom, cant wait for your fresh and improved cm11.
  10. @srfarias you mentioned the wifi file transfer is fixed. Is it in this build or coming in the next one?
  11. Is it OK for everyday use? And does the rocker volume work with music? I listen to music a lot
  12. Thanks chil360 for all your work, ive been using your slimkat for a total of 8 months. Will there be a new slimlp release soon?
  13. If anyone knew the cause and the way to fix it, it should have been fixed till now. Try setting your min cpu freq to 480 mhz. Some said that they had no blacks after that.
  14. no need for kernel, if there was a need, it would have been mentioned on the first post. in every rom, its first the rom, then gapps
  15. But if they were willing to do smth like that, they should have made a move till now. Anyway, thank you so much for your work for this old device. I wish you luck onwards.
  16. I guess its rom related. Others had this bug who had flashed it without cwm.
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