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  1. Is it laggy? Or can you use it as a daily rom? Do this two thing work? Usb mass storage Skipping tracks with volume keys
  2. Have you tried other games? In alpha 0.3 i had lag in coc
  3. All lollipop roms till now are bad for games, i dont know why, and i really want it to be solved.
  4. if you dont want to play games, yes. just dont use the cm gapps, i used pa gapps
  5. Re-instaled with pa gapps, lag is almost non-existed, set the min cpu freq to 480, 6 days and no black screen. Fonz, I give you credit for this, music playback is gapless, not in any other rom (even the stock roms, and ive tried near 20 of them) had this achievement. Great job.
  6. Have you tested f-aosp? If yes, which one was smoother? I have lag with the gapps on 1st post
  7. Was playing coc, got really laggy. Then i got this: System prosess isnt respondig, had to reboot my device. Another thing, any time i disconnect from a pc, it reboots.
  8. Just had a black screen. I have some lag. Is it related with the type of gapps i flashed? Ive flashed cyanogens in the first post. In the last build i didnt have lag.
  9. I wanted to know if this 3 things work, i want to use it as a daily rom 1-volume key for skipping tracks 2-usb mass storage function 3-camera
  10. Chil, when will you port more slim features? I really miss the skip tracks with volume button feature
  11. easter eggs is buggy (not that it matters!!!) stock camera doesnt work, im using a 3rd party soft. ive noticed that on AOSP roms (like this or AOSP mod), it gets laggy when im charging it. i guess it has 20% more battery drain, havent tested accurately. but really smooth great job fonz a funny fact is that i get 2 black screens every odd day since i flashed it, didnt get any on even days
  12. I read that post too, thats why im asking if there is a way of doing that. 2nd day no black screens, 3rd day got 1 till now
  13. got 2 black screens of doom in my 1 day test. the touch screen works, only nothing is shown. great ROM btw. can i get mass storage with this rom? with a xposed module or a softwere or smth else.
  14. does it still have one option for usb connection? or can i use it as mass storage?
  15. has anyone tested the alpha 1? does it have the same bugs or not? im eger to flash it but my internet conection is crap.
  16. used zram disabler and system swap, runs smooth even after instaling a dosen of apps, clash has a little lag at the beggining, otherwize every thing is good.
  17. tried it, great rom. gets heavy lag after installing some apps. clash has lags cant play high end games. but its an alpha, great work chil360
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