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  1. I not stole this I buy this tablet from guy. He told all work perfect no problem... Any luck guys ?
  2. When i try flash image, my command prompt sad - Too many links
  3. Please guys.. Can you help me please? :(((
  4. I try root.. But i think it's not possible...
  5. Do you have ADB Fastboot drivers?
  6. I don't now what do .... Put in bin just....
  7. Tesco Customer support tell me, it's not possible to delete this, and i ask firmware, they tell me, we can't give you firmware...
  8. I buy second hand.......... I will try reinstall firmware, but first i need find firmware and adb drivers
  9. Good morning. I have problems with my Tesco Hudl 2. My tablet in In-Store demo mode. Can i delete this or reinstall firmware? I don't have firmware and ADB drivers, and developer options not work, because this tablet on In-Store mode... Screenshot- https://www.dropbox.com/s/a7y7t6rct53ba8l/2014-11-18%2000.17.01.jpg
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