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  1. the download link for liquidsmooth and slimkat are broken, could you upload them again? and also the nameless rom you mentioned you didnt upload yet. and also the cm v4 that you guys talked about in greek, so its possible i misunderstood it, i just used google translate to understand it. :D i know it sounds lot what im asking, so its okay if you cant do it.:) thank you very much:)
  2. yeah i thought that the wifi FC happens only when i try to access it from the pulldown menu, so i flashed it again today, and only accessed it from the settings, but it is the same. before i restore everything back it is okay, but once im done doing it, it happens again. both the pulldown menu and the settings menu. i need to flash it again. ill try to not turn the wifi on from the pulldown menu this time, but its a shame it has this bug for me. it is a really great rom. edit: nope, flashed it again, turned on/off the wifi from the settings only, restored my apps and stuffs and wifi settings still crashes if it is turned on...
  3. any chance for a cm12 port in the future? the huawei phones that you port most of these roms have sliplp and cm12, but of course they are not too stable yet. but it would be amazing to have lollipop when they are more stable. by the way i tried most of your kitkat ports, they are amazing, thank you so much for your work! i had some strange battery drain on liquidsmooth after a while which was sad, because that was my favorite. im on pacrom now, it doesnt seem to have this issue so far, but i really miss the dynamic colored statusbar that was built in liquidsmooth. the xposed module i use instead is not as good as that was. also, the wifi options broke. when the wifi is turned on i cant open the setting, because it crashes. but it can connect to the wifis that are available and i have saved them earlier. and if the wifi is turned off, i can enter the wifi menu, but as soon as i turn it on, it crashes. strange. i guess i have to flash the rom again...
  4. i'm not an expert, i don't know how things work. but can't you port a cm11 rom somehow that doesn't have the camera problem? maybe it's not working and not stable and everything, but couldn't you put that rom's camera part into this stable rom? it's probably a stupid idea, but i'm interested if it's theoretically possible to basically mash 2 roms into 1. or parts of them. sorry, i probably sound very dumb.
  5. i updated my phone an hour ago, settings crashes everytime i want to open it, i dont know what i did wrong. also, two out of the three buttons down dont want to work sometimes. (back and menu buttons dont work, only the home button does.)
  6. ive never flashed a custom rom on my phone, but it was super easy and fast to do with your instructions. ive been using it for 2 weeks and i didnt really find huge bugs that havent been mentioned yet. -i really miss the front camera and the focus, hope it will be fixed some time in the future. -cm11 themes restore to the default holo theme after reboot, except for the pulldown status bar and quick setting tiles. (i dont know its names) i have to apply the holo theme and re-apply the custom theme to work again. -the default bluetooth name for the device is ZTE N909, in the next update maybe you could change it to ZTE BLADE V, but it doesnt really matter, its just funny. :D -some application dont load/FC right after loading (feedly and battle run), and calling on facebook messenger doesnt work for me, but i doubt these are the ports fault. -sometimes my phones power button doesnt want to turn on the screen, i guess its the same problem sneer mentioned earlier. -sometimes i have system ui crashes too. (but not too often, it happened on stock rom too.) i have the disappearing icons problem too with nova launcher. when i connect to the computer with usb mass storage, then disconnect it, the apps on the sd card look like they disappeared from my phone. after a reboot they come back, but icons are still missing, have to import the screens from the backup. just a small advice: the screenshots shouldnt be in greek, maybe its better to change the phones language to english until you take them. i really hope you will continue with this project, because it made my phone hell a lot faster and more reliable, not to mention the benefits of kitkat and cm! thank you very much!(:
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