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  1. after change your lcd density, reboot and clear data & cache on playstore and reboot once again
  2. everyone have installed this rom https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7GtR7GqLcGKdDdnOWFZRTBzU3c/view please give your review dan screen shoot here found it from fb group micromax Canvas Nitro A310 thanks to #AMIT #PINTO
  3. you can try this : - download file here to your pc, extract it - turn on your device and plug to your device to pc via usb - run "cmd" as administrator and type "adb shell" (without quote) => enter - type "fctd -b normal" of "fctest system reboot" => enter - your device should be reboot - run "unFactory Mode.bat" from folder you have been download and press enter - your device should be normal again, if it fail try install your device driver and try it again from begining *i found this method from kaskus forum indonesia thanks and credit to who has posted it there
  4. anyone has flash this rom? http://www.needrom.com/download/xtremevanilla-v1-performance-as-fast-as-hell/ please write your review here thanks
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