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  1. is original EUI rooted? can I install gapps via recovery and uninstall china apps by titanium backupu?
  2. latest MIUI from Vazarg 6.5.20. i didn't try original EUI. I think that is not multilanguage
  3. @dalyer - I bought x600 in Poland. without waiting only few USD more expencive. Nice phone, but very poor support, only few roms. Coolpad was better in this case. For me original EUI is not good, poor multilanguage. battery for me - 12 hours and I have to charge
  4. mickiewicz, który wg Ciebie jest z błędami?
  5. chinatronic on aliexpress have x600 for 190 USD. it's a good seller I bought my F1 from them
  6. You don't think about another phone? ZUK Z1 or something from xiaomi?
  7. good question... i'm waiting for my money from PP. i also didn't recive my x600 :-(
  8. what do you think that duty office stop your phone? and you didn't pay tax because you didn't recive a letter from them?
  9. So, Your x600 is somewere in Ireland :-)
  10. dalyer - where are You from? i think that EWOO sent your phone and post lost it. today i have "item is pre - advised" :-)
  11. I will buy x600 in chinatronic when I give money back. I think that is a good shop.
  12. I escalade dispute, PayPal is analizing my problem. since 11th march I don't have tracking my x600. I think that PayPal give my money back. and its a EWOO problem if they sent me phone or not
  13. I'm looking for x600 in good price at good seller. if You find something please write here
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