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  1. Hi friends, after couple days testing new (friend´s) i780 running OS 5.2.1944 build 18547.0.7.3, here is the final solution, what works for me just fine. Need to mention I´m also running RealVGA 96dpi. Basics: i780 was delivered (to me) without any GPS software but with enabled External GPS and Enhanced GPS (AGPS) control panels in settings. I wanted to get working three software packages - Garmin XT (for vector maps), Ozi Explorer CE (for some scanned and calibrated raster maps) and PathAway (for compatibility with Touratech raster maps mainly scanned russian millitary maps from Touratech, what I have in TTQV software on PC). Easy setup of Garmin XT: GPS in the handheld was simply not possible to use by anything else then Garmin XT. I tried also special version of XT (Samsung navigation) downloaded from Garmin website, but it´s like clone of XT. Not major differences I think. Both need this settings: Enhanced GPS: XTRA enable Auto download (does not matter, I used disable) And while connected I tried to download XTRA data manually and it does something. External GPS: GPS program port: GPD1 Hardware port: COM9 baud rate 4800 Manage GPS automatically: checked In Garmin XT in GPS settings use "GPS intermediate driver" and it should work just fine Problems: Ozi and PathAway did not find anything at all. Ozi was sometimes reporting some GLL sentences in the black bottom area of GPS page, but no lock. I tried well known and recommended software Port Splitter. Latest version is adviced as compatible with i780. Well - yes, but it does not help. Port Splitter settings were tested all possible - input always COM9 where is GPS hardware and I tested to send it to all available COM ports. No luck at all. I tested all possible combinations of setting in main setup of GPS (Enhanced as well as External) and it makes no difference. Simply this is dead end route. Next step was essential and I downloaded great software called GPS Test. Search internet for version 1.04 or above (?), it´s made by Cartcross Ltd. It helps a lot if you are testing different settings etc. But for final working solution is not needed. Just nice toy... Working solution: I finally removed Port Splitter and tested two other packages - GPSGate and GPS Proxy. Final and fully working solution to all above mentioned problems is GpsGate 2.6 from Franson. Settings are very simple: Setup parameters in External GPS to program port COM7 and leave others as mentioned above (COM9 and 4800bd and checked box). Open GPSGate and put input as COM7, output as COM1. I use also Garmin emulation on COM2 as I use more then one GPS software packages. In Garmin XT is no change, leave there Intermediate driver and it will work fine In Ozi setup NMEA GPS on COM1: Franson COM1, baud 4800 and GPRMC, in other tab is all checked and in SIRF all unchecked. Since that it will work fine. In PathAway use protocol NMEA, port COM1: Franson COM1 and 4800bd My PathAway version is Standard 5.00.26 OziExplorer CE is version 2.19 UPDATED: Above works with GoogleMaps also without any problems. GPS settings are "managed by windows" and it simply works fine. Hope it will help.. I´m sure there is another way, how to eliminate need for Franson GpsGate but it´s so simple with it, that I dont need to seek another solution as this works perfect.
  2. Hi friends, maybe I´m doing something wrong... can you help? WM6 1) When I shoot any picture and want to send it my MMS, if the picture size is larger, there is no direct offer to reduce the size of the picture to fit in the MMS size limits. It´s very annoying and cannot believe that WM6 does not help in compare with WM5. 2) How do you setup, what phone number of each contact will be default? 3) When I use activesync with server using GPRS or 3G, anytime I open Activesync on device, it show status "connected" even when no synchronisation is going on at the moment. Is it as it should be? 4) Is there any way, how to change default (opening) page when you start Internet explorer? 5) does exist any way, how to save picture from web site using IE? 6) no way to add more profiles (for example night profile) without modification of one of default profiles? Thanks! Tomas
  3. I tested it about week ago and must say, that it´s not very good. Been connected using WiFi and mail synchro with exchange server worked perfect, but Live Messenger was useless. Often saw "server error", not possible to reply, I appeared offline for others while I saw them in the list etc. Simply - useless. We switched to use Skype only for chat with friends (beta version) and it works all week fine. So - Live Messenger is at the moment not my favorite... T.
  4. I can confirm it as well. I installed package for norway or denmark (dont remember exactly)... In the regional settings menu under "language" tag is possible to choose: greek (in their alphabet), italiano, uk english, portugal, francais, suomi, russian (cyrilic), us english, espanol, dansk, nederlands, norsk, svenska, deutch Tomas
  5. Hi friends, what calculator do you use on i600? I like Lygea 123, but they have no version working well on BlackJack or i600... Any other ideas? Tomas
  6. Asi víte o téhle diskuzi, která je specificky zaměřená na i600 : http://www.modaco.com/Samsung-i60x-i60xMoDaC-f287.html Pokud máte něco k i600 a chcete psát česky nebo slovensky, tak sem s tím! Tomáš
  7. I would not use czech version anyway... So I like english version with support for czech locale, what works just fine for me.
  8. You don´t need to wait until Czech or UK version will appear. If will appear.. Upgraded WM5 to WM6 yesterday and it works without any problems. Synchronise everything as phone will be empty after the process. 1) upgrade to latest WM5 first (step by step instructions are earlier in this thread). I started with i600..GG version I think. 2) download WM6 version for Sweden, switch phone to NL, details earlier in the thread. It works exactly as described. It was done in 10 minutes. 3) switch phone preferences (same *#...) again to Czech and operator from menu (in my case O2), then it will again delete everything Works just fine for me. Tomas
  9. Do you know simmilar calculator as popular (fantastic) Calcium on S60 platform? Thanks Tomas
  10. Thanks a lot! It will be now easy to get it. No cradle...
  11. Hi friends, do you know, where at Europe (best will be U.K. or Netherlands or Germany) is possible to buy standard 12V car lighter socket charger for i600? Is it standard Samsung socket or not? I asked in several shops where they sell Samsung phones, none was possible to use. Same question will be for destop cradle. Thanks Tomas
  12. You can try to select contact, send it BT device using beam feature. In works sometimes, but it´s real pain. Nokia N73 (and others with problems with carkit) can send all contacts at once (select all - sent all) but this is not our option with WM5.
  13. Hi, I did not test GPS. Since using my new Zumo from Garmin, it makes no sense to use GPS on tiny screen. But pairing itself (HF functions only) works fine. Only any advanced features are not working. T.-
  14. Just for your information - SGH-i600 is in O2 at Czech Republic with retail price around 380EUR. Version is simmilar to other european distributions - 3G, EDGE, HSDPA, WiFi... Bundled with Picsel Viewer and few other SW toys, what makes life easier. Only one serious problem - no support for advanced bluetooth, what makes connection with car kits really low level. No support for contacts transfers, advanced SIM operations etc... It is problem of all european i600 what I had chance to test. WiFi is great, but speed of the phone is not enough to run Skype in voice call mode. Everything else is just fantastic. This phone will be a storm here. I think, we should think about opening new section for device specific issues - i600 (old) and new i600 will cause confusions. We should have new device specific section at MoDaCo - Samsung SGH-i600 (european BlackJack) or so... If you want any details about this phone, just let me know. I am lucky enough to have one piece for some time for testing... T.
  15. Hi, JETware Mobile Software is working on new version of their BT software kit, what at the moment is not working with MS Audio Gateway implemented in SGH i600/i607 phones. So, as far, as I know, none advanced car kits will display phone contacts, missed calls etc... I tested i600 (euro version) with three different car kits and with Garmin Zumo. But we are not alone, Nokia N73 has the same problem for example... Tomas
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