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  1. installed lollipop yesterday. after about 8 reboots it's admitted that all my apps except viewranger are installed (originally had about 20 icons greyed out). keeps complaining about lack of memory. shows very little free memory in storage then does all its sums and realises I have more than it thought. can't update all the apps from Google play even though I've freed up enough space for some more of them. grr.
  2. Thanks I hadn't thought of headphones I might try the headphone plug off one of my styluses, see if that works, though probably needs a metal Jack so it thinks there's a real graphite in there.
  3. This is fixed in the Jan 2015 hudl 2 update
  4. Hi, the main reason I'd want to root my hudl would be to suppress the audio that plays when it starts up. Is there a way to achieve this without rooting my hudl, please? Many thanks.
  5. Hi, Is there a way to move the apps to the sd card I've put in my hudl 2 without having to root it? I don't see that option when I look at the apps that are usually moveable. many thanks.
  6. I've had it failing to reconnect even when it can still see the service and stuck trying to start the wifi
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