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  1. Can you make sailfish os for y300
  2. Miui will be great . atleast a kitkat that work well.
  3. @FLRIZDARKK Can you add msm-mpdecision, intelliactive governor and CDG congestion algorithm. I would like to the smoothness msm-mpdecision because intelli-plug cause lag and is unstable
  4. http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/app-facebookmod-material-design-layout-t2982613 , try these optimize facebook and messenger
  5. @Flrizdarkk Can you add msm-mpdecision, intelliactive governor and CDG congestion algorithm.
  6. @chil360 what Kiodo1981 saying is right. it might be useful. I gonna stick to cm13 because getting a new phone soon , a Doogee F5.
  7. @chil360 i can't install xposed framework.
  8. Srfarias has gone for holiday *_*. Can't help you.
  9. @chil360 Add Qualcomm Atheros Prima WLAN module https://github.com/Ahmed-Hady/android_kernel_nokia_normandy/commit/e3a54f458763c936da4960979eb14fe85b90230a https://github.com/Ahmed-Hady/android_kernel_nokia_normandy/commit/b82646a0814890023454b9b0924219f76b098983
  10. you may try Slimkat display-caf . install xposed and try Monster ui , Flat Style Colored Bars and Flat style keyboard pro (the keyboard will go the same color as colored bars) . i am using all of that right now with swap on system 450 mb with swappiness 90 and you phone will look beautiful more than lollipop and better . Better roll-back to kitkat and get all that performance and battery because i need my phone for daily use . hope i help you
  11. It reduce display power consumption and improves view-ability in direct sunlight . Glad its works
  12. Did you enable Adaptive display in Setting > Display because it wont work if you dont enable it

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