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    Galaxy Mini, ZTE Blade III
  1. RexReiter

    which rom is the fastest and the most stable

    I had the same problem with CM 11, so I downgrade 10.1 Now my Blade III stable, fast, everything is working! CM 10.1 the best I think.
  2. RexReiter

    [DEV][ROM][2.7.] CyanogenMod 11 (Android 4.4.4)

    Thanks your hard work Konsta, I changed CM 10.1 and CM 11 simple better....so awesome ROM :excl: :D
  3. RexReiter

    Which rom would you recommend?

    At the weekend I will install,I think it's worth a try! Now after a test week recommend CM11 me too :) Stable, fast, very good battery life so great ROM!Trebuchet isn' my favorite, but Apex launcher solved this "problem" :D
  4. RexReiter

    Which rom would you recommend?

    One more question, batery life better or same on CM11? Now 1.5-2 days, normal use a few hours wifi, minimal gps, some music, without games
  5. RexReiter

    Which rom would you recommend?

    Thanks for the answer, I read this that some apps isn't work, problematic on CM11....but most up to date it's true, so I'll try and then testing a few weeks. If there are more problems with it, restore 10.1 I know Backup always! Sorry my english, Google Translate "my friend" :)
  6. RexReiter

    Which rom would you recommend?

    I bought a Blade III few weeks ago, with CM 10.1 (10.1-20130720-KonstaKANG-atlas40), sometimes freezes eg. if I switch on/off wifi in the notification area...anyway great ROM, thanks a lot KonstaT! :) What do you think, CM 11 it would be better?

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