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  1. Slightly OT, but: Andy, has the new model fixed the call volume issue? There's another thread up here discussing same issue - seems to be just a few affected by it. Thanks for the original post MrPuddington!
  2. I'd just like to recommend the Weather Underground app - quite simple, but the best thing is that you can select the local weather station to use. While many of these aren't up to the standards of the UK met office, it's very handy out here in Ireland where there are only around 12 stations used by Met.ie - worth remembering that all local weather stations will use Irish spelling of town names! On the whole I see a much greater accuracy with this application than with the standard weather reports from Google Now/Velvet or the Met.ie applications.
  3. I'm in! Especially as Play hardware still unavailable in Ireland. was wondering about the follow on twitter entries - should we unfollow Paul and then refollow? ;)
  4. I'm in! Especially as Play hardware still unavailable in Ireland. was wondering about the follow on twitter entries - should we unfollow Paul and then refollow? ;)
  5. Sounds very interesting... will be looking for a new phone around the time this is released ;-)
  6. Real shame. Just the Facebook syncing correctly part made it useful to me. Can't believe that the Tweetdeck team would let their app fall apart so much that Paul has to fix it. Sounds like Twitter didn't bother reading the app description in the market. Or the list of bug fixes...
  7. I was wondering the same - has anyone used the FRG83 root available here with a FRG83G N1 successfully? Just about to try so will let you know if I'm left with a strangely behaving brick! EDIT: Hmm, didn't appear to work. Ended up going via the SuperOneClick.exe method on xda. There were no brick like qualities after using Paul's files though :D
  8. Psicotix

    CM7 on N1

    stevenz above covers most of the major stuff. I've been using the Nightly builds since they were made public, but the mic/call issue is pretty nasty - dewonkificator from XDA has been very helpful. Apps like Skype, Voice Search and Phone can crash the phone quite badly without it. No 720 video either for a while. Also, as Paul has mentioned, the battery indicator is inaccurate in 2.3 (I use https://market.android.com/details?id=at.gru.android.batstat - batstat battery widget) What I like about CM is that other errors I encounter are usually fixed within a few builds. Also think that I might have been conditioned to have low views on stability after using nightlies for half a year. My use usually involves trying to get to a decent build, not update for a few days, but check the forum thread regularly for any resolutions/changes. But: I've not had any random rebooting yet, I love the space optimizations and it works well for me.
  9. Hi, I've been using Maildroid beta off the market for some time. Can't say whether it'll do what you want wrt Yahoo, but does allow multiple accounts over POP3 and IMAP, and does have auto setup. The HTC mail app should do the same trick, iirc. Good luck!
  10. Make sure you have the Android Keyboard selected in Input Method menu (using sense this is in the Edit Text menu). The input method is lasting, so setting it in one application should set it as default. On the Android keyboard, the input setting is available from the ?123 key, so it may be available from other keys on your pad. HTH!
  11. Hi, I noticed a 3 specific ROM on the official radio page. After rooting the phone I've been able to install a variety of OSes, so can't imagine you'd have any problems changing your first choice! I've been using the kitchen version of Paul's ROM on Orange without issues (apart from the system clock not updating in top bar - widget clocks are fine). The whole process was exceedingly quick and easy :(
  12. I kind of kludged it using "NoData - disable your GPRS connection while you are on holiday, and save those bills! - http://www.modaco.com/New-FREE-Utility-t246171.html" (from Paul's Essential Omnia Software thread) and switched off everything that was available. I'm not sure if the problem is caused by a setting in your mail configuration. Does it use WiFi or GPRS when you want to use a browser?
  13. Got me through last Saturday at Stansted Airport ("your flight will always be late 'due to the late arrival of the inbound aircraft', well duh? So it's late because it's late, hmmm."). I now also know how to gain my pilot's licence in the States. Great stuff ;)
  14. Avoid Norton. I can feel it in my brainstem. I've been using McAfee at home absolutely fine for a few months, it's v. simple but the security centre does pretty much everything you'd need and updates are rapid. Having said that, an installation at work seems to have gone tits up on the privacy side of things.
  15. :D Handy. There are now 3 settings in the app, High, Low and Disabled. Am I right in assuming the web version is offline for everyone now?
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