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  1. I have just installed GBXtreme with some help from dalyer and want to thank you, kyan, for your efforts. I am looking forward to exploring the options your ROM gives me.
  2. :D Thanks dalyer. One minor panic when booting seemed to hang on the Huawel splash screen but I guess that was just the system sorting itself out. Thanks to kyan including the Huawei All in One backup app I have recovered all of my contacts and my text and phone history so about as happy as I can be. Mobile network coverage is still awful but that is not down to the ROM. Many thanks again for your help and support.
  3. Don't expect a smiley face from me if things go wrong. More likely to be a "how far can I throw the phone" competition! I am going to attempt this tomorrow. The instructions in the threads and your advice fill me with confidence, he said. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your help.
  4. I do. If I understand correctly, I load the zipfiles onto the phone SD card and install them in order via CWM clearing caches etc as i go. Do I reboot after each one or only when all have been installed?
  5. Thanks. I have the zip file to downgrade the baseband and will download B2 and patches over the weekend ready to install next week. The instructions for the downgrade say to use Recovery to install. Is it that easy?
  6. Happy New Year dalyer and many thanks for your support so far. I have read through the thread on GBxtreme and have some questions. Is it worth rooting the phone again following the Modaco instructions rather than the method used from the link posted earlier? Which version of GBxtreme should I use - B1 or B2? Also, this baseband issue is confusing. Can I stick with 2030 or should I follow kyan's recommendation to downgrade to 109808? It is very embarassing to have to display my ignorance in public, particulalry given that I am four times + kyan's age!
  7. It looks like there isn't an easy fix for these issues so a clean reinstall will have to be done. Any suggestions for which ROM I should try?
  8. Dalyer, I followed the Huawei instructions to the letter so all wipes and formats were as per those instructions - http://huaweig300.com/huawei-g300-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-ics-rom-from-scratch/. Contacts were synced to Google and to the micro sd card using the Huawei All In One backup. Google has reinstalled some contacts but not all and no phone numbers and the last sd card backup is visible as a zip file but I can't restore. Thanks for the syatem app removal info which will be useful if and when I can access the play store. Is it worth wiping the ROM and re-installing it or something more up to date?
  9. I reached the point of no return with the Vodafone branded ROM on my phone and successfully installed the system above following the instructions on the Huawei website. This was the latest stable ROM on the site and I went with it, rather than a newer one, becasue it was unknown teriitory for me. However, I have a number of issues now that I would appreciate some help with. First, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped error. Clearing caches etc does not fix this. I cannot connect to the server for Google Play Store and assume this is related to the process.gapps issue. Also, I am unable to restore the back up created using the Huawei back up system before installing the new ROM and so have lost all of my contacts. Can i get them back? There are a number of apps in this ROM that I don't want but can't remove, apparently. Is there a safe way to do this? Last but not least, how do I direct all new storage to the micro sd card to stop the phone memory filling up? I have to say that, even with these issues, I much prefer this ROM to the bloated waste of space that preceeded it!
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