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  1. i'm running SlimLP Beta 0.2 but it isn't too smooth on my Y300. Actually I'm rolling back to SlimKat 9.0 today, which was my favourite ROM by far. Only bug I encountered on it (and every other ROM from 4.3 to 4.4.4), was incomplete images rendering in some apps (like built-in web browser, Opera, Firefox and Chrome run fine), but it's not that problematic, since i rarely use them.
  2. Hi. I have Huawei Y300-100 which was running stock B171 firmware with some apps from T-Mobile Poland. I recently installed Slimkat 8.20 and everything works great, except some apps which have problems with viewing pictures. These apps are Stock Browser, Tinder and Wykop (which has "built-in" browser based on stock one). Tinder doesn't show pictures in main screen at all, Browser and Wykop shows blank squares after zooming in. I've also tried Cyanogenmod 11 by Dazzozo and AOSB Kitkat by eloygomez. Same problem. After restoring stock rom, everything works fine. Any ideas? EDIT: Cyanogenmod 10.1 (JB 4.2) works fine, other 4.4s have same problem. I will check 4.3
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