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  1. How would this work then? What happens if I don't top up for a couple of months? Is the deal tied simply to the SIM, or what? :/
  2. Even tho Mr. Fry *loathe* Windows Mobile...? Quite something then. One can only assume he's referring only to the hardware and is ignoring 6.5 completely...
  3. I'm hearing better things about Androids now. Now that Google have got a proper sync tool working, the phone's OS platform is less of an issue and more about the hardware. It will be interesting to see what happens when we get a HD-style device out with an Android OS.
  4. Is it just me that think Twikini is a bit crap and PockeTwit is loads better? Scrolling for one thing is ridiulous. Or am I just needing to try a new version...?
  5. Does this support "My maps"? It would be completely awesome to be able to send someone a link to a PC-built map that has loads of stuff on it that they can then browse on their GPS enabled phone. I have a colleague over from US for a few months and such a feature would be ideal (given that I've just this minute send him the link to said map :D )
  6. Cool! That's saved me a job! :)
  7. We definitely need more information on this. Do we have any inside people at 3 who can confirm or deny this rumour?
  8. I thought the printer was going to be pretty funky, but closer inspection revealed it to be antiquated crap. Damn shame, just doing out my (small) home office now and this would have been cute. Of course, it's practically useless at A6, but... for things like boarding passes, tickets, and quick mono info prints, you're laughing. Well, you would have been, if it wasn't crap.
  9. So no-one is using this under Ubuntu? I find that hard to believe... Frustrating <_<
  10. I can't get mine to install on my Eee 901 :) My regular laptop is running XP SP3, but the Eee is stuck on SP2 until I can get a bigger/faster SSD. I have a problem where the driver installation fails - it says: "There was a problem installing the hardware. An error occurred.... The required section was not found in the INF" EDIT: Ok this is because I NLited my XP installation and for whatever reason the DUN (Dial up networking) drivers are not available, hence the INF error. I'm looking at a complete reinstallation to get past that one. If you don't fancy that, you can try this, but it didn't work for me, presumably for similar reasons to the above. http://help.expedient.com/dialup/winxp-reinstall-dun.shtml Also, you're going to have *fun* getting this to work on Ubuntu (I am specifically using Jaunty). The ZTE modems aren't supported out of the box with that OS. Try the link below. I've gotten the modem recognised ok. Sometimes two instances of the modem appear in the network manager, sometimes one. One time, it even connected! I have no idea why, as I can't replicate it. <_< Refer to the link here to get started. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1017630 I also can't pinpoint what the settings are supposed to be. Is the APN supposed to the 3services? 3internet? three.co.uk? what, man, what? EDIT: Well... it still doesn't work, but there are some defaults supplied by the "new connection" wizard in ubuntu. One can only assume these are the correct ones, but... who knows...
  11. ARSES! <_< Really wanted that.
  12. Blugh, getting two bars and 33k/s. Not great. Never mind. Got the fiver/month jobby - anyone know what the ACTUAL data cap is? Also, anyone know where I can download the updated software from? The first thing that happened when I connected was it spent 15 minutes very slowly downloading some update software. I'd rather not have to do that every time I use it on a new machine! <_<
  13. Looks funky, but the link on that page to "buy" goes to the generic mobile broadband page - what the hell? How much is it? Me want. Also, can someone repost the "secret link" on this thread for those arriving late or ignorant? <_<
  14. Dropbox is awesome, but it doesn't integrate with mobile devices at this stage. However, Dropbox have a referral policy which means you can get "a bit more" storage by referring new users. I'm up to a free 4gb account now which is plenty for my needs.
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