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  1. Hi, I'm a old user of an Acer S500, but i had to change the phone after screen breaking. I've bought a brand new Acer Liquid Jade S (S56), why nobody is talking about this great phone? Maybe some modding would make this phone even better :)
  2. Sorry I had problem accessing internet, i solved the bootloader unlock problem manually (the same exploit of the tool). So, the question is, could i permanently mount r/w /system? P.S.: Ivan69, se puoi rispondermi in italiano sarebbe meglio, visto che sono italiano anche io e a volte le guide sono incomprensibili per me, visto che sono nuovo del mondo del rooting android :)
  3. Hi, i'm trying to wipe all data from my phone, to unlock my bootloader. when i tried to do so from the system setting app, the phone shows up a message in bootloader mode saying there was such no recovery on my phone (neither the acer one). How can i continue the process? Help me, pleaseee :( EDIT: the message (the phone was charging) is "Recovery image verified failed boot mode: fastboot! lk version: JB-f7e7564 !" RI-EDIT: i solved the problem booting CWM from the cloud mobile tool app, but the same tool don't unlock my bootloader (option 20 - 3 doesn't work). please help me!
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