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  1. Can android gamepads be used with the hudl 2 ? Was gonna buy a dedicated android gamepad but wondering if it can be used with the hudl 2 ? There's not much about this on Google at all . has anyone used one of these pads ?
  2. OK so did the update last night but now don't know where the option is to move the apps to the SD card ? Help !
  3. Ok thanks mate , I will try this then :-)
  4. Well will it work with a wired Xbox controller ? Because I'm not fussy whether its a ps3 pad or Xbox pad just want to use a pad lol !
  5. Ive been Trying to use my wired ps3 pad via otg for weeks now , the app recognises the pad but says the hudl 2 lacks the drivers to be able to use it Has anyone managed to get either a ps3 or xbox360 wired pad to work via Otg cable ? And if so how ?
  6. Hello I've been trying to get a ps3 controller working with the hudl 2 via an otg cable but it keeps saying the hudl 2 doesn't have the right drivers installed , anyone managed to get a ps3 controller working via otg with there hudl 2 ? The controller is recognised by the app I'm using but the hudl 2 doesn't have the necessary drivers are installed to use it ?
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