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  1. You can use the same cable you use to charge it. It's just a standard micro usb cable, nothing special. Most mobile phones use exactly the same cable. Failing that if you have the backup your photos to your Google account turned on, all your photos will be saved to the cloud.
  2. How long have you actually left it? I'd leave it for at least an hour to see if anything actually happens. Failing that all you can try is a factory reset if clearing the cache hasn't worked. After this you would need to try and reflash the rom. Not sure if anyone has actually managed to do this with a hudl2.
  3. If you are using 2.4ghz wifi then that is as fast as you can expect to get. If your router can do 5ghz wifi then you will probably get a little bit more. Although 5ghz wifi isn't so crowded it doesn't penetrate walls and building so well.
  4. Unfortunately you get no choice as it is part of the setup process to look for updates and then install them. So unless you can find a way to break out of the setup program then you will be out of luck. As to being able to purchase a new Hudl 2, you will be really lucky to find a new one in a Tesco store as they have been discontinued and are no longer available or orderable. As to you feeling the lollipop update ruined your tablet I personally feel this is probably a coincidence. As you have already tried a factory reset which unfortunately did not resolve your charhing problem then you likely have a faulty charger, charge cable or micro usb port. If you have another charger which you use for a mobile phone that can put out a 2a charge current it would be worth trying to charge it with that and also worth trying a different micro usb cable. If it isn't the charger or cable have a look on ebay as some vendors were selling replacement micro usb ports for hudl tablets. They are not that hard to dismantle to change the charge port. Just be sure to get the right one for a Hudl 2.
  5. You need to factory reset to sort this out, going from kit kat to lollipop is a huge jump os wise. Unfortunately the upgrades quite often go wrong and poor battery life is a symptom if this. A factory reset should resolve your problem with charging and battery life. In fact you should find your battery life will improve with lollipop.
  6. pudpoh

    HUDL dead?

    It has likely just crashed, hold down the power button for longer than 10 seconds, this will force it to power off. Once you have done this connect the charger, you will either see a red exclamation mark appear on the screen meaning their is not enough charge to boot up or you will see a large battery symbol. Either way the hudl is charging, just leave it like this until the green light comes on at the top of the device. It should then work normally although it may take longer to start up than normal, this is perfectly normal and it is just android checking it's file system.
  7. You need to restore all the Tesco apps that you removed after rooting the device. It checks they are present and haven't been tampered with before trying to update the device. I would try and restore your device from one of Paul's rooted images which should restore the apps that you removed. It should then be possible for your device to update to lollipop. Once you install lollipop I'm not aware of any way to root it again after this.
  8. If you take it back to Tesco you will not be able to get another Hudl 2, they are discontinued. Have you tried to get Paul's rooted rom onto your device, first pinned post? This should restore what you deleted enabling it to then complete it's ota upgrade to 5.1.
  9. You could give this a try. Let the battery drain until the tablet powers itself off. Plug it in to charge, but do not turn it on. Leave it at least 6 hours or overnight on charge. Once it is fully charged turn it back on and do the same thing use it until it powers itself off, don't charge it again before then, then charge it again while turned off. This should recalibrate the tablet to the battery, if this doesn't solve the problem then you probably need a new battery.
  10. You should be able to get into recovery and factory reset your tablet from their. This should restore an older version of the keyboard app which will enable you to then enable debug mode.
  11. It is quite possible you haven't waited long enough for it to start up. If you have the hudl logo on the screen, just leave it. Mine has occasionally taken a very long time to boot with lollipop, I've had it take around 10 minutes once. As to why I don't know but it did it after crashing watching a YouTube video and ending up with a blank screen although pressing the volume keys still made a sound. So just give it some time, if it doesn't eventually boot then yes you will probably need to perform a factory reset on it to get it going again.
  12. As above it won't return you to v1.1, if you do proceed with this it will by default force you to upgrade to lollipop. If you want to stay on kit kat do not factory reset it. Saying that lollipop isn't bad, my battery life has improved plus you get more control of the storage card. You will likely need to factory reset though after installing lollipop for everything to work correctly afterwards. Also be careful if use usb otg, some people have reported problems with this after updating.
  13. Some apps like Facebook will fill your storage with data they cache, I would say Facebook is the worst offender, I've seen it eat gigs of space. If you go into settings, storage, you can delete all the app caches very rapidly. Hopefully you'll find your storage space is returned.
  14. Yep this happened to me, thought everything was fine for a couple of weeks and then enormous battery drain started. Tried to fix it and track it down but couldn't, hate to say this but I think the only fix for this is a factory reset which is what I did and mine is now better then ever. In fact I would highly recommend anybody who has upgraded to factory reset if you don't want a load of grief afterwards, lollipop is just too different for an upgrade to work successfully. Factory reset isn't that painful, move any data you wish to keep from internal storage, photos, music, videos and documents to your sd card if you have one. If you don't you will have to copy them off with a pc. Do not backup any of your apps and try to restore them afterwards you will cause yourself even more grief. When you factory reset make sure the box isn't ticked to erase your sd card. When you login to your Google account your apps will be restored from your Google account if you have it set to backup to it. You can pick and choose what you want to restore at this point. It does take a while but once it has done it your tablet should be working better than ever.
  15. This is highly unlikely to have been caused by the lollipop os, sounds more like a fault has developed with your charger. Phone the tech support line or drop into one of the stores with it to get it sorted out, they should just replace your charger.
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