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  1. I have the exclamation marks too after changing to those icons in gravitybox but im using fonz93 4.2 cm10.1 rom. They are not there all the time but most of the time. Maybe its the same as the grey icons bug?
  2. Im looking forward to the next update of slimbean srfarias :D Ill give it another try then.
  3. Over the last couple of weeks I had a bug with this rom. As soon as i called somebody the phone screen would go black and i couldnt do anything, the call would continue ringing and i could talk etc no problem but i couldnt do anything until they hung up then the display would return.. When they didnt answer and i got their answerphone i would quickly take out the battery to end the call, I tried shaking the phone, tapping the screen etc. When someone called me it seemed to work as normal. I have now flashed a different rom so i cant replicate the problem. I just wanted to mention the issue here incase it is a known bug or just me?
  4. nacpiqsan for a darker screen try asking at a window tinting company for some offcuts of the stick-on tinted film, it comes in different shades. Cut to shape and apply to your phone screen. A new screen protector and darker screen all in one :D
  5. Could you use android firewall to prevent the apps accessing the internet and updating?
  6. Using this rom now, I like that you used the same animation when screen turns off like in your slimbean rom. Cool effect. Rom feels stable and fast. thanks :)
  7. killadroid both times I installed the rom the quick settings were in a different language but they changed to english by itself, I guess after a reboot.
  8. srfarias, thanks for making this, its a very nice looking rom, it seems really fast and responsive. I have a question about the Nova settings: It says in a red warning box its a modified APK and recommends to uninstall and install the official version. In my play store the Nova Launcher app is showing there is an update available. Im worried if I update it may break something. Why is the included Nova setup a Modified APK? Should I uninstall and reinstall the official version from play store? Thanks
  9. If I visit him I shall try the apps you suggest to get some info, also here is all the info from the link above which may help someone identify the phone: The specs look good to me, better cpu and screen compared to my y300 but still only 0.5gb ram. I guess It would be better overall but if I cannot find any roms for it Im not so interested in using it in stock form. 3G UMTS 850, 2100 MHz with 21Mbps data (HSPA+) GSM 900, 1800, 1900 MHz Operating System Android 4.2.1 Processor 1.2GHz quad core MTK6589, 0.5GB RAM Memory 2.77GB user space (1GB system storage, 1.77GB user storage), plus up to 32GB microSD external storage Display TFT 16M Colours, 4.5", 854 x 480 pixels, capacitive touch, daylight viewable. Sensors Proximity, light, accelerometer. Camera Rear, 5MP, 4 x digital zoom, auto-focus, LED flash, video recording 30 fps @ 720 Front camera, 0.3MP Audio out Earpiece, Speakerphone & 3.5mm headset Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth Bluetooth 3.0 with: GAP, A2DP1.2(source), AVRCP1.4(controller),GAVDP1.2(Initiator), HSP1.2(AG), OPP(Client, Server), PBAP1.0(PSE) HFP1.5(AG),OBEX1.1 FTP(server), DUN, MAP(Message Access Profile), PAN(Personal Area Networking Profile), HID(Human Interface Device Profile). FM Radio FM Radio included GPS A-GPS, Stand-alone GPS External Antenna port No Battery 2000 mAh Li-ion battery. Talk Time up to 8 hrs talk time Standby time up to 375 hours standby Video codecs H.263, MPEG4, H.264 Recording format, MP4, 30 fps @ 720 Audio codecs AMR-WB high quality audio AMR-NB, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ Size & weight 133 x 66 x 9.9mm. 145g Pre-installed extras Facebook, Twitter, Backup & restore, Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) upgrade Network Locked No Worst case SAR 1.26W/Kg in the body position (10mm spacing) 0.471 W/Kg in the head position
  10. Thanks for the reply Durreau, I dont have the phone to check and im not really familiar with terminals with generic code. Im not a technical user. :) Im hoping someone can tell me: "Oh yes thats called a ZTE Blade, or thats a ZTE Racer. Its a great phone with lots of active development and custom stuff. GET IT!" I found some better pictures... . . . . . .
  11. I have the opportunity to purchase a used ZTE phone from a family member who had a problem with it not booting or something so they bought a new phone. I suggested he try boot into recovery and restore to factory settings which he did and the phone seems fine now so he wants to try sell it. The phone is rebranded by "Telecom" which is New Zealands major phone company. Here is the phone: http://www.zte.co.nz/main/R880H.htm I cannot find any information of custom roms, reviews for the phone and I dont see any subforum on modaco about the R880H so I guess it has a different name in the rest of the world? My current phone is Huawei Y300 and im happy with it but the specs look slightly better on this ZTE model. Would it be worthwhile to upgrade to it? are there many custom roms available for it. What other name is the phone known by so I can do some research? Thanks for any help :)
  12. Maybe the download became corrupted as it was written to your PC/phone, can you check the md5sum code on the downloaded file? Do you have another rom .zip you know is working, you could try flash it to make sure its not the phone preventing the installation.
  13. Thank you to fonz93 for putting together this very nice rom, its only the 2nd custom ROM ive tried, 1st was AOSP MOD. Just like AOSP MOD this rom is also very stable with good battery life. Its nice to have the 4.2.2 version with a few more features to play with. Im wanting to know how to uninstall the following apps included with the rom: 1. Apollo, (Ive installed Shuttle player instead because it has an equaliser included) 2. Navigation (not something I will ever use) Also I installed google maps from play store then I found "Local" in the app drawer. Was this on the ROM already or did it install with google maps? I dont want Local, I never enable GPS on my phone anyway, Is it possible to uninstall this too or should I just leave it? Do i need to flash the superSU.zip as I did with the AOSP MOD? I didnt bother when I flashed this rom as ive never used supersu before and dont know how to use it anyway. :S Thanks in advance for any help with my noob question :D
  14. I have a few games: Carmageddon, Traffic racer and Hill climb racing all run nice, using AOSP mod. Im tempted to try one of the Grand theft auto games but not sure which.
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