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  1. https://01.org/android-ia/downloads/android-5.0-lollipop-minnowboard-max
  2. As far as I am aware. It installed without asking to upgrade it or anything so I guess so. This one works just fine though! :)
  3. You don't have to take my word for it (and I understand if you don't because I posted the link) but I took this straight from Paul's image in the root thread which most people have already flashed without issue. It will integrate exactly the same as before the update and it doesn't require root. As far as I am aware myself it is safe. It is straight from Tesco themselves, after all (well, after being added to the image by Paul). Hope this clears everything up! :)
  4. I pulled it straight from Pauls rooted image of the last build - obviously the APKs themselves aren't rooted so its literally stock. Still, fair enough. Each to their own. XD
  5. There was two Dolby apps in the Application Manager before, but now there is only one. Perhaps someone who hasn't applied the update could use an APK backup tool from the Play Store to get a copy so we could install it again on the new version. Hell, we could take it from an old version of the stock firmware if anyone has it. EDIT: Scrap that - here. That's a Google Drive link to the Dolby Equalizer app (DsUI.apk) taken from the last version of the Tesco firmware before this. Install it and it will work just as before! :)
  6. If you want Cortana in Windows 10 everything needs to be set to United States for now. Just a fair warning. XD
  7. I know someone out there has the brains to get the Hudl 2 booting custom operating systems and I can't wait till I can get to running Windows on it since it's very capable. Shame I have no idea how to go about such things as it is.
  8. I'm really really looking forward to any progression in this area - I almost wish I got a Windows tablet now because even though I love the Hudl 2 and Android, I would love for it to run Windows 10 since it's been talked about and it's obviously possible. The Hudl 2 running Windows 10 would be the perfect companion to a laptop and, lets say a Windows Phone. :D
  9. I was so angry when I noticed this in the Spotify app - it's like they deemed it acceptable to remove a feature that I liked that came with the device I bought. *sigh*
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