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  1. I just use a standard wired Xbox 360 controller with an OTA cable, works great!
  2. esc4p3

    USB Audio

    Agree with CPN200, have used an NTFS formatted memory stick via OTG and watched a 7gb MKV video file without issue.
  3. ....I have now tried this method, and it works fine with a memory stick & ES File Explorer with an 8Gb MKV file. Brilliant! Saves me streaming the file from the PC upstairs using Plex, which to be fair does work fine....but I'd rather just plug the HUDL directly into the telly with HDMI.
  4. Thanks speakeasy. I have ES File Explorer and an OTG cable, so I must try this. Shame if it is true about FAT32, seems a bit of a waste to allow a 128Gb card in only 4Gb chunks
  5. What file size is supported? When on KitKat I tried to put some films on a 32Gb SD card but it wouldn't accept file sizes over 4Gb....has this changed?
  6. I've still got it, I had to manually re-install it earlier this year as per this thread.....but it still works for me
  7. Never rooted HUDL here. Both updates installed fine for me, the main Lollipop update took about 3 hours in all from start to finish. The latter part of that 3 hours was the encryption, optimising apps and then updating loads of the apps, which did take an inordinately long time. But I didn't want to use the HUDL, so it didn't matter how long it took. There were a couple of points where it looked like it had hung, but it got there eventually. Running smoothly today, I'd say running a bit smoother than it did, but in terms of everyday use it is difficult to tell any difference (I use the the free version of Nova launcher). Time will tell, I wouldn't mind if it made battery life a bit better. At least they deployed Lollipop before Marshmallow is released :)
  8. Who needs Lollipop really....I'm happy with the HUDL2 as it is, it isn't perfect but good enough for the £69.99 that I paid. I'd be afraid that with Lollipop they'd just introduce a whole new set of variables and potential issues with the product.
  9. Got the update last night. In my case I already had Kobo as I used the £10 free Blinkbox Books credit when I got the HUDL so transferred them to Kobo. This update uninstalled Kobo, so I had to re-download it from the Play store. For me it didn't uninstall Blinkbox Books, although it did let me remove it which it wouldn't before. I already had Spotify and it left that alone and I now have Wuaki which I won't use. I use Blinkbox Music which it must have freshly installed, as when I opened it, it had lost my account details, and yet Blinkbox Movies still had my account details fine. Can't see any other obvious changes. Much ado about nothing :)
  10. I do have Kobo, manually installed by me as part of the Blinkbox Books takeover, not got (and won't use) Wuaki....
  11. Not rooted, just done a check and my HUDL is up to date apparently....not installed an OTA update....
  12. Hmmm, searching Twitter does show Tesco's reply to Ryan, but not the reply to "Will". To be fair though they did tweet those exact words to someone called " Imran". No such user on Twitter as panic in the ocean?
  13. He he, it certainly does.....
  14. thanks for the udpate 4LOM. Can I just check please, when I search Splashtop in the Play Store on the HUDL2, I get Splashtop Remote Desktop and Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop....but not "Splashtop GamePad THD". Are these all the same thing? Certainly I'm keen to try anything to reduce the lag, as I said before less graphics intensive games work ok with Limelight, but I can't get GRID Autosport to work acceptably.
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