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  1. Works just fine. I was using a Wired Xbox 360 controller and a usb adapter. I didn't carry on my subscription past the 7 day trial owing to poor game selections, each to their own.
  2. Thanks for your efforts MrMatthew98, although I'm afraid to say I didn't install it after reading the permissions that the APK needed. Until someone more knowledgeable than myself has torn the APK apart, I'm going to leave it alone for the time being. No offence intended, I'm fairly paranoid.
  3. Apologies for duplicating discussion. Shame that the removal is confirmed. I'm left feeling rather short-changed, Tesco have removed one of my favourite features of their tablet without any explanation (or indeed, notice).
  4. As title, since updating to the recent Hudl2 it seems the Dolby Equalizer / Virtualizer has been removed? It is still possible to choose between a couple of presets by going Settings -> Sound, but previously there was a full graphic equalizer. The option to launch the Equalizer also disappeared from Spotify - and that option only returned when I installed a 3rd party eq from Play Store. Anyone know whats going on? I really liked the old EQ.
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