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  1. can you please tell me how you signed the zip file because with zipsigner it doesnt work says footer error in recovery Greetings
  2. hi I got a gpt.bin file ,it will adjust the partition size between android and win10, like make android be 8g,win10 be 16g. I have the file but I don’t know how to use it. the only way to use this file seem that flash stock android rom form official android firmware and change the gpt.bin before. but after changing the partition ,I want to flash cm12.1 right now! so I don’t want to recover stock android. is there any way I can change the partition easily just use the gpt.bin here is the gpt.bin link http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o72fGyY password: 2xr2
  3. http://www.touslesdrivers.com/index.php?v_page=23&v_code=14397&v_langue=en working link with this firmware
  4. I have the same problem in a clean installation with all the wipes made. Any solution? Thanks
  5. Anyone also have a problem the screen won't wakeup when getting a call? I always have to call back afterwards
  6. Seems smoother than the previous rom! Nice, thanks fonz. One think i have already noticed, i have a flashing circle around the lock on my lockscreen. Anyone else? (when locked on homescreen) EDIT: first crash with dalvik corruption after 10 min, snapchat open
  7. Do you happen to know any way to automate this? Installing 30 aps from the playstore is pretty long winded imho. But if it's better i'll do it, slow enough phone as is
  8. So complete wipe, flash rom and gapps again when switching. Whats the best backup method to keep/reinstall apps (and data maybe) when switching roms? Backup from recovery, titanium backup, reinstall from google play store,...? Thanks for the help
  9. Thanks a lot! Will this also work to switch between your cm and F-AOSP? (both lollipop)
  10. Is there an easy way to upgrade (CM or anything else), or complete reinstall? Sorry for the newbieness
  11. Aha ok thanks for explaining. Didn't know dalvik got corrupted by these crashes. None of the governor changes did anything, i get close to 10 a day, so if you need any help fixing, willing to help! (Maybe i'll try your lollipop faosp soon) keep up the good work!
  12. I also get the black screens a lot, but sometimes (1/5 on average) the phone restarts into the "optimizing apps" screen which takes ages. Is This also a know part of the blackscreen bug? Thanks fonz for all the work!
  13. H3ROS, I dont see the option to clear the cache neither in storage or apps settings...any idea?
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