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  1. After turning the hudl2 off last night then back on this morning two folders have disappeared into the lost.dir - very annoying as the files within them were all work in fine. Is there any way of preventing folders from being checked as startup?
  2. Yes I know that - I mentioned it because it proves that the file check had been performed and no bad files had been found in the folders I created.
  3. Sorry - already tried that. When I right click on the SD card the only options presented are Expand (to show folders), Open, Paste and Properties - no option to eject. What I did do was wait for quite some time to make sure all activity was completed before unplugging the USB co. Innection. I also selected all files then copied them across to folders I had created on the Hudl rather than just copy the folders across as I did last time. Left it 24 hours and they're still there. Deleted the Lost.dir then turned the Hudl on and off as it's on boot up that the files are checked - again files are still there along with a new empty copy of Lost.dir. Very strange - will monitor it over the next few days to see if the problem re-occurs.
  4. No I haven't ejected the SD card after copying the folder. I just checked that they had transferred OK the unplugged the USB cable. I don't see a way to eject the SD card from within Windows (I have Windows 7) - how do I do this? The only other option is to use the 'Unmount SD card' from the Settings menu on the Hudl. I copied other folders to the SD card and they are not moved to the Lost.dir so it doesn't look like the SD card is defective just this folder and the files in it. Why would unmounting affect this? I have used the files after transferring them and have not determined yet exactly when they 'disappear' - I did notice that there was a note on the Hudl this morning saying 'safe to eject SD card' even though I had not issued any 'unmount' command. I have recently updated to the latest Hudl firmware.
  5. I'm having a problem with files I transfer from my PC onto my Hudl2 SD card - the files are a mix of .odt .doc and .pdf which I put into a single folder on the external SD card. The files transfer OK and I can read them fine with the Open Document viewer app and Google Docs. However, occasionally the folder containing these files 'disappears' and all the files are placed in the Lost.dir with filenames deleted. This has happened twice now in the last week. I know that Android checks files on power-up and moves corrupt files to Lost.dir but why is it moving every file in the folder even though they appear to load in other apps without any problems? Is there any way of stopping them being moved?
  6. files being moved to lost.dir

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