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  1. I've got one really really really annoying thing with my Touch Dual (maybe Windows Mobile in general) and it's doing my head in. Whenever the phone is in standby, it doesn't alert me to a low, or critical battery. So the first thing you know is when you go to use it and take it out of standby, then it beeps at you. Or evne worse, when you go to use it and it's actually flat. Is there someone out there that can write an app that checks the battery state every couple of mins and if it's low bring the phone out of standby and alert you. It doesn't even have to conform to the sound profiles, just anything so I know the battery is low. There must be a way for apps to run in standby, as the phone wakes up when it receives a call or message. Hopefully someone can help as this is a major flaw in the design. I went to use the phone last night and found out the battery was flat, with no notification. Luckily there was no calls or texts missed. Not good when you're in a support job role. Cheers Griff
  2. I noticed that my Touch Dual will only alert me of a low battery if it's not in standby. If it's in standby then it simply sits there and doesn't alert me. Then when I press the button to use the handset, it alerts me to a low battery. Surely it's a little pointless if you don't know the battery is low until you go to make a call. Anyone got a fix for this? Cheers Griff
  3. I quite like the software. But wish things were single click instead of double. It's a nightmare double clicking with a stylus. :D
  4. If you've got a back up of everything on your phone, you could always just do a hard reset and restore it back to factory settings. You can do it using the "clear memory" program in the phone, or by holding down the two 'soft keys' when you turn the phone on.
  5. The first thing i'd do, is go into Outlook, switch it to "folder list", then create a new 'contact' folder called Backup, maybe underneath the main contact folder. Then copy all your contacts from the main contact folder into the backup folder. This gives you a copy/backup of your contacts, and as activesync only syncs what's in the main contact folder, they won't end up on the phone. I always do this on our users machines as you never know what they'll do occasionally, and have often rang me and said 'it's deleted my contacts, how do I get them back?". Then i'd just delete the sync partnership on the phone. This should only really get rid of any contacts from Outlook if you added them to the phone and they were syncd to Outlook. Any contacts that started in Outlook should remain there. Of course you could just delete the partnership, delete any contacts from both the phone and Outlook. Then re-pair the phone with Outlook, and copy the contacts from the backup folder into the main contacts folder. They'll all be sync'd to the phone. Just remember to update the backup folder every now and again.
  6. Has Orange been doing any work to it's network recently? I used to struggle to get 1 bar of a 3G (3) signal on my Touch Dual up in the Newcastle/Sunderland area, but recently I've found i'm now getting around 3 bar of HSDPA (H) ;) Griff
  7. When registering a product it says: Register your product and get device-exclusive value contents! Important! The HTC e-Club now accepts product registration for both HTC-branded devices (e.g. HTC Touch Diamond) and Operator-branded devices (e.g. T-Mobile Dash and AT&T Tilt). I doubt whether the operator branded will get any updates though.
  8. You can change your tariff not contract) pretty much any time with Orange. They also do have unlimited (fair useage) data plans. I get 250mb for around £7.50 I think it is. It also rolls over to, and because I didn't use much last month, i've got around 400mb for this month.
  9. As the Touch dual doesn't look to be compatable with photoshop yet, I tried the Shozu they recommend, only to get an "installation unsuccesful" every time I try to run the installation. Hmmm, I wonder if it's an app lock issue with it being an Orange handset, even though everything else has installed fine so far.
  10. With the battery cover off, and the phone laid the same as yours, i've got two small holes pretty much the same size, next to each other. I'm assuming, from where the pink is on your phone, it's the lower of the two holes, which on mine still looks white. (the top hole looks like it just looks down onto the casing of the USB connector). I'd stick to your guns, surely you can tell if water has actually been in the phone. There'd be more tell-tales than just that piece of paprt surely. It looks like whatever wet the paper started from the upper left part of it (where the print underneath is coming through the most, and paper is creased).
  11. I can turn the sound of my Touch Dual from within the settings in the camera app. Can't remember exactly where the setting was, but it's definately possible on my Dual.
  12. On my Touch Dual, i've turned off the 'message preview' and opted for just the notification. I also don't tend to bother pressing on "notification" to read the message, instead just press on the speech bubble icon on the homescreen under the clock to take me straight into my messages. Doesn't take to long to be honest. Although I could do it a lot quicker with the OS and keypad on me E650.
  13. Nice one Mark. I didn't know the answer, but will know if I come across it now.
  14. forgot to mention this is the orange version. (just in case it's an Orange rom issue.
  15. I'm a little confused by that sentance Paul. :D You mention Wi-fi and GPS together in different contexts. Even if they were there, I doubt Orange would ever release a rom update for them.
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