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  1. Any idea whether it will cover data that's not in the cloud, eg, text messages?
  2. Hello I've got a Samsung Omnia 7, which I'm liking a lot. On thing that's a little peculiar is the homepage in IE. I'm not sure it's technically a homepage, as IE doesn't automatically load it when you start it, but hitting the search button loads up http://www.t-mobile-favourites.co.uk/, which I'd readlly rather it didn't. I'd also really like to get rid of the T-mobile splash screen on starting the device, but I guess that's not going to be easy.
  3. Good luck trying to contact them. I've now sent a letter to their US address to try and get a response regarding my October payment. We'll see what happens.
  4. They just ran a survey asking about PayPal, which would certainly seem more sensible. Still, I'd rather actually get my October £30.
  5. Why are these people impossible to contact? I've tried emailing them twice as my October payment didn't arrive and I've had no response for over a month.
  6. Orange's. Similar to how they've trashed the appearance of Windows Mobile for all their recent SPVs.
  7. Same here; Xda Graphite with Windows Mobile 6. I haven't used the account on my mobile for about 3 months, but nothing came up when I signed in.
  8. Does anyone know if they'll work in an Xda Graphite with the WM6 update?
  9. Does anyone have an update on this? MicroSD HC seem a bit more common now, and also the situation might be different running Windows Mobile6?
  10. Yeah, I would. I think it's probably the most fully-featured candybar WM phone around, and although the build quality seems slightly poor, it's still a pretty good phone.
  11. I've found that under WM5 it always showed G, whether it was a 3G connection or not. Since updating to WM6, it varies between a G symbol and 3G.
  12. Does anyone know if the Xda Graphite handles microSD HC cards? 8GB looks like it's going to be available shortly, and that would be very nice.
  13. I think it's ~£200, but isn't really available without a contract.
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