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  1. This thread is copy/paste from F1 section, so moderators please, delete thread there (in F1 section) Hello I found this CWM and tried it. But... I Think something is Wrong with this CWM...I am owner of F1 Plus 8297-W01 and I flashed CWM Twice. When I flashed and made ​​this first time Backup to external SD, CWM Said this: .. no .android_secure found_ of applications on external Skipping Backup Storage . . After That I Tried to Backup to Internal Storage Backup When Finished, CWM Said EXACTLY SAME . no .android_secure found_ Skipping Backup of applications on Internal Storage and there's no any File in "ClockworkMod" Folder on Internal Phone Storage. today I formatted SD card, flashed and tried again this CWM fresh new backup. Just to external Storage (SD Card). There was exactly the Same message. But... 1 Thing It's very Strange. In Backup Folder Properties said is big 2,10GB . So ... can anybody try this CWM and post here about it? Or Maybe Somebody Tried it already and know What is going on there I am on 025 Stock ROM. And I can not try any other ROM until I know about apps in this backup ... Thank you
  2. Thanks...I am new 1 here and tryin' to find my way here :) thank you
  3. This is for F1 Plus? Topic owner asked for F1 Plus (8297-w01)
  4. Same problem here (021 stock rom)...saw it 3 days ago but it's not big deal in my case...
  5. For F1 Plus version Please, how can I download rom from Coolpad forum (Baidu)? Every file is too large to download and always open window for Baidu cloud...Want to download 025 stock (Card brush - one in the middle..there's 3...or wire brush..one on the bottom) and latest ColorOS and YunOS...and want to ask if somebody maybe can download these ROMs and upload somewhere? Thanks in advance
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