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  1. I have a ZTE Blade V locked to Virgin mobile. An (free) unlock was applied which removed the NCK prompt but didnt work. I have now purchased an unlock for it but I and I cannot get the unlock prompt to show (whatever non-Virgin sim I put in it, I just get 'No Sim'). I have QSPT EFS Explorer so I was hoping some wise person knows where the file(s) that determine the lock status and prompt status reside? I thought there might even be a dialler / service code you can enter to force the unlock prompt but google search has yet found it. Any info humbly appreciated as I cant replace my exploding G2 so I need this backup working! TIA
  2. I'm probably going to use incorrect terminology so apologies in advance but here goes. As per this thread (http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/374814-ruim-perso-locked/) I have a problem with my Blade V whereby I have unlocked it (seemingly) successfully with an NCK code, but then it asks for a SIM unlock code, however the PUK does not work. The same sim works fine in another unlocked phone. So, Im really after any information/insight anyone might have on the mechanism for the Sim lock status, and how I can 'correct' it. Thanks and apologies again for any glaring terminology fubars.
  3. I have the same problem ~ Ive tried full wipes, full wipes and flashing a different rom, but regardless I am prompted for a PUK Code despite the sim being unlocked (works fine in another phone). Any ideas if this phone can be resurrected? TIA
  4. I would just write a letter (or email if you dont feel inclined to incur the time and cost of postage but in my experience letters often get more attention) to the Head of Customer Services at Tesco. Just keep it very calm, concise, and back it up with as much detail as you can. When I have done this I have usually had a favourable outcome (I had the same problem with an EE repair that was reneged on because of water damage out after setting out my case I was eventually offered a new phone. Best of luck.
  5. Those using CM11 and wanting to try the ART rt, I can confirm it works (I'm using the M6 snapshot) and does definitely reduce input lag. Can't comment on battery life yet. N.b CM don't officially support ART yet.
  6. I think it probably depends on who you bought if from. For example, if it were from Tesco, in the UK, I'm pretty certain they simply check the phone returned matched the IMEI on the order, and little more. (I know when I had a faulty tablet from them they didnt check to see if it had been rooted or had a cusomt recovery image (which it did). Other retailers might be more pro-active and check for bootloader unlock and/or root.
  7. I couldnt change it on 4.3 tesco, havent used 4.4 tesco rom.
  8. I think were conflating two issues. Regardless of whether the voicemail number is correct initially, have you tried changing it if you are on the tesco rom?
  9. I disagree. Couldn't change the number when on Tesco rom and it wasn't the number for my provider. Once flashed with stock I could change it
  10. You can change the voicemail number on stock but it's locked on the Tesco rom.
  11. right, well, that was a bag of fun. it turns out the 64bit distro was the problem, I flashed fine from the 32bit version. thanks for the reply dude ;)
  12. I have a locked Tesco moto g which I flashed the standard retail rom on. I want to return it to the Tesco rom. I'm running the individual fastboot commands from a lubuntu 64 bit terminal but the system.img flash command fails with a permission denied error on the phone. I've tried using the modified fastboot but it won't run at all. Any advice much appreciated.
  13. Did you get 'hab check failed' messages when running the batch file?
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