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  1. Can anyone please find me a link for the fastboot.img in 4.4.2. Thanks
  2. http://loadbalancing.modaco.com/download.php?file=hudl2_ota_rel.android-build.20150529.110309_to_rel.android-build.20150803.092218.zip
  3. This is the tethered recovery method that we have tried before to use however it doesn't work as the fastboot OEM commands don't work. Tesco has fixed the bugs allowing us to use this option so it wouldn't work.
  4. Does anyone know if we are still able to use the Manufacturing Flash Tool or the Intel Phone Flash Tool Lite becasue I have tried both of them and they don't work??
  5. No this is not the case. When the tablet is factory reset. Only /data and /cache are wiped. The /system is where lollipop is installed so the tablet doesn't revert to KitKat only the data is deleted.
  6. That command just restarts the tablet. It doesn't do anything else
  7. When in recovery mode, pressing the volume up key with the power key brings up a screen shown in the picture, could this be any useful??
  8. I just had one question but its a little off topic but bare with me. Why does installing the larger android 5.1 ota using the tethered recovery brick the hudl 2 and is there any way around that problem.sorry if the question sounds stupid.
  9. no that doesn't work it just goes straight into recovery mode
  10. Wouldn't it be hard to compile cynogenmod for this device if we don't have all the kexts and drivers inside the source code that Tesco provides, or is there any way that we could use files from the tablet itself and then use them to compile the ROMs. Also did Tesco update the source for android 5.1 update?
  11. Truely agree with that, vampirefo and sdc have helped to save this tablet. Wish I could ever learn to develop these ROMs and stuff, anyone available that could possibly teach me? I don't really have much experience in this field but still trying to drag along. Really got to study for my GCSEs right now.
  12. @social-design-concepts Thanks for the information. Here is the previous rom image. Note that this one has already had root installed into. If you need anything else, please just ask. http://loadbalancing.modaco.com/download.php?file=system.hudl2.rooted.20150106.154003.ONLY.r1.zip
  13. @social-design-concepts Hi SDC welcome. The problem with this tablet is that it cannot be rooted at all using android 5.1. We've tried to do everything that we can possibly do. The main problem is the fact that we are not able to do anything with fastboot. When we try to use any command in fastboot we get the an error saying that the action is not permitted. If you need any more information just ask for it. Here is a link to the ota file for android 5.1. http://loadbalancing.modaco.com/download.php?file=hudl2_ota_rel.android-build.20150803.092218_to_rel.android-build.20150917.142239.zip @vampirefo Thanks for your help.
  14. @vampirefo Well I tried that but like before it just says that oem commands are not permitted. I do not think fastboot does a single thing on the hudl 2.
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