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  1. This won't help, same time thing happened to me, H3ROS make that storage setting same as in stock rom please
  2. Serious problem guys, I can't register an instagram account and when I sent them email to help me they said its the ROM problem. Please help me ASAP
  3. Actually, it doesn't. Try it on diceplayer when watching something and You won't be able to do that.
  4. I belive You can find this option on gravity box or wanam kit, xposed both
  5. H3ROS One question: is it possible to add that status bar thing like in kitkat, You knw like when You re in fullscreen app and You get a notification so You just pull down to get status bar?
  6. I have USB debugging mode always on, but there is the catch I don't even get offered to choose anything nor ''to connect as flash drive'' or ''media storage'' it just starts charging, please if anyone has a solution to this, help
  7. NEED HELP!!!! Cant connect phone with PC, I can charge it and when I connect to PC it just charges and won't connect as flash drive or anything else!! WTF is going on, please help!!!
  8. Some apps won't work on this rom can someone help me with this I'll send u apk just see if it works for u Plzz help
  9. @chill360 can u make hardware decoding work on this rom?
  10. @H3ROS I am talking about 480p mkv videos but no biggie Ive fixed it. But can You make this rom play 720p videos on hw smoothly, it is playable on sw but You know the battety goes out fast, so 720p on hw would sound more then awesome And brightness slider thats my suggestions Thnxx for reply
  11. H3ROS this is one of the best roms so far but you say that hw is fully accelerated but i cant watch mkv files on hw(or hw+ for mx player) please fix this and also one suggestion, add tinted status bar fro AOSPA(paranoid android) it would be cool but mkv files are mine priority, can't watch anime PLEASE HELP if someone has any suggestion on this problem please help asap
  12. @fonz93 can you make hardware decoding work on next update?
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