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  1. Has anybody not able to download the new update because there's no Internet connection when I have Internet
  2. I'm starting this thread in order to see the feasibility of getting CM12 on the Hudl 2.
  3. Talked to a Tesco Tech Support, and no it's not because you guys are rooted that the update disappeared, its because the developers launched the update for a limited period of time or "test update" in order to see the reaction of the update and whether or not it fixes the problems it is supposed to. Tesco says that the update will be rolling out within 7 days. If the update does what it is supposed to do, then you guys should receive it soon enough. Hope I helped :)
  4. Spoke to tech support, devs are testing lollipop builds for the Hudl 2. It might be in the future but at least some conformation that indeed android lollipop is coming to Hudl 2. :)
  5. So has Intel written the android lollipop code for the chip inside the Hudl 2
  6. Did you extract the files into one folder
  7. Looks like Tesco are at least testing Lollipop on the Hudl 2 "We are currently investigating into making it viable for the Hudl2 and as such have no official announcement to make as to a potential release date, I myself am also hoping an announcement is made soon"
  8. Reboot and try again, when I was doing it it took more than two tries for it to work it should say RECEIVE DATA when it works.
  9. Sometimes the battery gets stuck at 100%, very annoying
  10. What exactly have you done to go about rooting the Hudl 2
  11. Sorry, I had the same problem don't know if there's anything else you can do except replace it. If you call Tesco they will replace it the next day by delivering in store and you picking it up or they will deliver it to you and take the broken one.
  12. im getting this: RECEIVE DATA.......... green bar is running
  13. Does the Kingo Root app work with the hudl 2
  14. im gettng this problem target reported max download size of 1260713301
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