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  1. Ismail_Lawomtong

    iPhone X Silver or Space Grey Wanted.

    Please delete.
  2. Ismail_Lawomtong

    iPhone X Space Grey 64gb/256gb Unlocked mint/excellent condition Wanted.

    Please Delete.
  3. Ismail_Lawomtong

    Samsung galaxy Note 9 128 Lavender Purple Mint Boxed £680

    Sold elsewhere.
  4. Samsung galaxy Note 9 128gb Lavender purple, Brand Spanking New/Mint condition UK model Single-sim, Sim free factory unlocked with all plastic wrappings still all round it. Unwanted present as sticking with iPhone and IOS £680 delivered with RMSD. UK Bank Transfer. Thanks for reading advert. Bought many times and sold on old PSC forum under username: small.small87 Regards, Ismail. Sold.
  5. Ismail_Lawomtong

    Pixel 2 or 2XL wanted.

    After a Google pixel 2 or 2XL.
  6. Ismail_Lawomtong

    OnePlus 6 - White - Mint - 128GB - £400

    Payment made, please check and confirm.
  7. Ismail_Lawomtong

    OnePlus 6 - White - Mint - 128GB - £400

    I will take this please.
  8. Please was this bought on contract or outright?
  9. Ismail_Lawomtong

    OnePlus 6 - White - 128GB - Mint - Unlocked - £420

    Will take it at asking price, I have PM you.
  10. Ismail_Lawomtong

    iPhone SE 32GB Unlocked

    PM sent and still waiting to hear from you Dan.
  11. Ismail_Lawomtong

    Pixel 2 64gb kinda blue mint £300 *SOLD*

    Ok, fair enough. Your choice, forgive and forget about previous issue and mistake made mate. You gotta let things go. 1 mistake/wrong I made. It's rather unfortunate.
  12. Ismail_Lawomtong

    Pixel 2 64gb kinda blue mint £300 *SOLD*

    Please can you let me know if is till available and I will make payment? Thanks.
  13. Ismail_Lawomtong

    Pixel 2 64gb kinda blue mint £300 *SOLD*

    Can I come and take this no takes am based in London?
  14. Ismail_Lawomtong

    Pixel 2 128 gb Mint £400

    Please is this still available, email sent to you.

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