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  1. Sorted i have root on my hudl 2 the problem was missing PATH file
  2. I have did this many times with same results.
  3. Step by step like in post 388 i have instaled drivers without problems i have fastboot and adb on my pc i have rom for my version from 2015 r1 and i try to use adb i can get in droidboot but im stuck at this stage when i tap t the flash command it say waiting for device... I can do all steps again and show you screens if it helps.
  4. I have read post 338 and i have all stuff on my laptop but not pda only becaouse it kill adb.exe and when is on i cant use reboot command. I have one more question how its possible to flash rom without root?
  5. I have hudl 2 and im trying to root the device i have all drivers instaled on pc i have rom for my version 2015 r1 but still i cant finish root on my hudl in droidboot it say E: no valid instaler medium found. On pc waiting for device what now? Sorry for my eng.
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