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  1. He :) All works good. Installed main Cyanomod 11 (4.4.4) from here and Pico PA Gapps too. Thats what you say only Pico Gapps work for this phone. After it remove few rooted apps by using ES file Explorer, and install apps from Google Play store. Now have almost all aps who is in your packages full /micro and much more, and i can unistall it if i dont want it :) Cyanogen with all aps what i have now works better than my older room 4.0.3 (dont know name). Thanks BTW... How to install any radio for G300? BTW2...why apps disappear from the android desktop after phone turn off or restart? PLEASE HELP Problem solved. Replace launcher from cyanogen and install buzz launcher and all works good. Great!
  2. I have only this: # Begin PA GApps Install Log -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROM Android Version | 4.4.4 ROM ID | cm_u8815-userdebug 4.4.4 KTU84Q fd555d19e4 test-keys ROM Version | 11-20150227-NIGHTLY-u8815 Device Recovery | CWM-based Recovery Device Name | u8815 Device Model | Ascend G300 Device CPU | armeabi-v7a armeabi getprop Density | 240 default.prop Density | 240 build.prop Density | 240 Display Density Used | 240ppi Android Runtime | Clean Xposed Detected | Clean Install Type | Clean[Data Wiped] Google Calendar Installedą | Clean Google Camera Installedą | Clean Google Keyboard Installedą | Clean Google Email Installedą | Clean FaceUnlock Compatible | false Google Camera Compatible | true Current GApps Version | NO GApps Installed Curent PA GApps Package | NO GApps Installed Installing GApps Version | 20150301 Installing GApps Type | nano Config Type | [Default] Using gapps-config | Not Used Remove Stock/AOSP Browser | false[default] Remove Stock/AOSP Launcher | false[default] Remove Stock/AOSP MMS App | false[default] Remove Stock/AOSP Pico TTS | false[default] Install Google Gallery | false Google Gallery Device | none Installing Play Services | 6.7.76 (1745988-034) Total System Size (KB) | 387280 Used System Space (KB) | 379080 Current Free Space (KB) | 8200 Additional Space Required (KB) | 66120 << See Calculations Below -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ą Previously installed with PA GApps # End PA GApps Install Log INSTALLATION FAILURE: Your device does not have sufficient space available in the system partition to install this GApps package as currently configured. You will need to switch to a smaller GApps package or use gapps-config to reduce the installed size. !!! WARNING !!! - Duplicate files were noted between your ROM and this GApps package. The duplicate files are shown in the log portion below. Please report this information to the PA GApps developer (TKruzze) in the XDA forum. # Begin GApps <> ROM Duplicate File List /system/app/CalendarGoogle.apk /system/app/ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk /system/app/CloudPrint2.apk /system/app/GenieWidget.apk /system/app/Gmail2.apk /system/app/GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk /system/app/GoogleEars.apk /system/app/GoogleHome.apk /system/app/GoogleTTS.apk /system/app/Hangouts.apk /system/etc/permissions/com.google.android.maps.xml /system/etc/permissions/com.google.android.media.effects.xml /system/etc/permissions/com.google.widevine.software.drm.xml /system/etc/permissions/features.xml /system/etc/preferred-apps/google.xml /system/framework/com.google.android.maps.jar /system/framework/com.google.android.media.effects.jar /system/framework/com.google.widevine.software.drm.jar /system/lib/libAppDataSearch.so /system/lib/libfilterpack_facedetect.so /system/lib/libgames_rtmp_jni.so /system/lib/libvcdecoder_jni.so /system/lib/libvideochat_jni.so /system/lib/libwebp_android.so /system/priv-app/PrebuiltGmsCore.apk # End GApps <> ROM Duplicate File List # Begin GApps Size Calculations -------------------------------------------------- TYPE | DESCRIPTION | SIZE | TOTAL | Current Free Space | 8200 | 8200 Remove | Existing GApps | + 45336 | 53536 Remove | Obsolete Files | + 10648 | 64184 Install | Core˛ | - 22332 | 41852 Install | GMSCore˛ | - 30384 | 11468 Install | bksyncł | - 168 | 11300 Install | calsyncł | - 736 | 10564 Install | searchł | - 44988 | -34424 Install | speechł | - 22480 | -56904 | Buffer Space˛ | - 9216 | -66120 -------------------------------------------------- Additional Space Required | 66120 -------------------------------------------------- ˛ Required (ALWAYS Installed) ł Optional (may be removed) # End GApps Size Calculations # Begin User's gapps-config *** NOT USED *** # End User's gapps-config But i dont know from what package its i try instal many of them. Pico package works good for now. Im sad i cant install micro package with replace google calender. Maybe its my fault. I think i dont copy gapps-config.txt file on sdcard or what. Im stupid newbie lol :P Sorry for any problems :), and thanks for help.
  3. Yes i trying install with guide and i search in google and youtube to solve problem with install it. Download all files and: Copy files on sdcard - rom, gapps, deleter and file.txt Wipe data/factory reset + system Wipe cache all Install Cyan 11 Install Deleter (u know) :P Install Pico PA Gapps = error -> Instalation aborted. Thats all what i do. EDIT: Oh my GOD!... LOL LOL LOL. Im an idiot... Now work good... Wipe/format all... Without external sdcard Install Cyan 11 and run phone. Turn off phone. Install Deleter and run phone. Turn off phone again. Install Pico PA Gapps without error Installation aborted. WTF. More than 5 hours i think what i doing wrong.
  4. I trying install all version from this site. Pico, Nano, Micro, Mini, Full and Stock. So much times reinstall cyanogen 11 and install another gapps pack lol. None of this isnt installed. I cant do it. In all of this i have installation aborted and in log file i see havent space to install gapps, i know it, but i have space to instal 150mb file. I found 150mb file who install good from 4.4.2 but they havent google play store wtf. Sorry for my english if dont understand.
  5. Why i have error Status 1 if i install full google package with google apps? What i do wrong? Installation is aborted. Phone is rooted, bootloader installed, cyanogen mod installed too and work fine, but i cant install google apps from packages. Google Packages installer here is wrong. They dont work for me. I search in google for another packages and they work good. I think PA_Gapps is bad.
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