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  1. How do you turn off the noise when the phone starts up (ZTE splash screen) ??
  2. Ok, thanks guys. I don't think I wil worry about unlocking yet then - don't really want to pay 20 GBP - and I tend to use Orange anyway. I'll take a look at the latest Orange ROM though. Thanks agian.
  3. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I've just recently got an Orange SPV C500. I've done the app unlock through a link I found on here, which worked great. I noticed on the home page under the news that a new version of the ROM has been released for the Qtek, which I believe is the same phone with just a different name? Is the ROM the Windows OS for the phone as well? Latest version? Should I go ahead and update the ROM on my SPV? Will it do it any harm? Ideally I want to remove all Orange branding and have it "generic". Equally, will it also then allow me to use other network's sim cards? WHat are ROMs for my hardware are avaiblable? Please shed some light on this. Thanks.
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