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  1. Thanks for the tips folks. I use Multiling Gingerbread KB and it has a second keyboard with arrow keys to move the cursor. I was hoping there was something more elegant like the Samsung button or the magnifier. Ultrakeyboard sounds like it has the magnifier but I like the gingerbread keyboard. Oh well.
  2. Techneut, glad you like it. Gopu, was wondering if the battery meter would work with Stock 2.2.2 ROM. I've been thinking about going back to Stock as 1.9 has been randomly rebooting on me. Happens about once a day I guess. Started recently. In the beginning, I had no problems at all.
  3. Is there an app or hack for the Streak to control the cursor in text input boxes? The Samsung Tab has this little button that pops up below the cursor and lets you drag it around. iPhone has the magnifier thingy. Anything similar for the Streak? I hate randomly tapping until I get the cursor in the right place.
  4. Oops...rookie mistake. I uploaded it to Modaco but I guess it's too big. I didn't see the failure message. Hahaha. Anyway, here's the file on megaupload. Download Link Like I said, I just repackaged yours so the file name is the same. I actually didn't now if changing the name would affect anything.
  5. Wifi /3G doesn't seem that great. I run 1.9 with Wifi and 3G on with sync on and with Exchange push mail. It'll last me over 24 hours if I'm not doing much with the phone other than checking the emails. 10% in 1 hour is very bad unless you're saying you surfing over wifi or 3G the whole time.
  6. Here's my first contribution to the forum. Hopefully someone likes this and finds it useful. Credit to Gopu who did pretty much all the work since I just replaced the battery png's in his file with the ones shown here and repacked it. I don't know how to show the pics of all the batteries but hopefully these snaps give you a taste of what it will look like. The main changes: 1) the green matches the gingerbread green in 1.9 and the outline of the battery is grey which also matches; 2) numbers are a bit smaller than Gopu's but bigger than other gingerbread one's I've seen 3) the ones I uploaded show the breaks in the color, i.e. when it changes from critical red to red (10) to yellow (26) to green (45); 3) also changed the charge now / charging icon for the lock screen (that's the white plug looking one)
  7. Thanks bro. No worries. I just tried it figuring I could afford to lose 99c if it didn't work. I agree, this is great for the Streak. Maybe my thumb is too short but I always have trouble sliding all the way across when I'm holding it in one hand. Same thing with answering. I installed Advanced Telephone which substitutes the slider with big Answer and Reject buttons. It's very cool and has some other cool features like auto sending an SMS after rejecting a call. Only downside is that if your screen is off, it takes about 1-2 secs after you receive a call for the screen to turn on to see caller ID and the buttons. I've lived with it so far because I hated the slide but I have to say, the delay is annoying.
  8. Hey, are you using Menu Unlock with no problems on 1.9? I had read on another thread that Menu Unlock didn't work with Steve's ROMs because the menu button didn't work on the lock screen or something like that. Also, the only version on the market is $0.99. Is that the one you use or is there another one? Thanks.
  9. Is there development still going on for Tabmail? I love Tabmail but the text size is a problem. As mentioned above, the settings don't work. I guess I'm getting old but I need the fonts to be bigger so I can read them easily. Also, the original Tabmail on the Tab does pinch to zoom. That would be another great feature to have. Otherwise, Tabmail works great.
  10. Ok, so I think I figured it out. I think my company implemented server side security on our exchange server. I had to delete my exchange account, go into Settings->Locations & Security and activate both a screen lock (which apparently is required by my company) as well as making Tabmail a Device Administrator. I only figured this out because I used my girlfriend's Tab to connect to exchange and it worked except that during the set up, it gave me a warning that my company had set server side security and then made me do the two things I just mentioned before completing the account set up. I found that going through set up on the Streak and Tabmail, I didn't get that warning and so it would connect but wouldn't receive emails (but would send, connect to contacts & calendar). Hope that helps.
  11. Hi, wonder if anyone has run into this problem before. I was using Tabmail on Steve's 1.9 and everything was working great. Suddenly last Thursday Mar 31, I stopped getting emails. Everytime I hit refresh, it would say "connection error". My calendar and contacts were updating so it wasn't a problem with connecting to Exchange. I thought I fixed it by clearing data from email and adding it back. I have it set to download 2 weeks worth of emails and it started downloading all the emails again but when it got Thursday Mar 31, it stopped again and once again I got the "connection error". Anyone have any ideas how to fix it? Is there some glitch about Mar 31? Thanks. So, I was just testing things out. Turns out it is syncing still because if I delete an older email on my Streak, it disappears from my Exchange inbox on my PC's Outlook a few seconds later. I can also send emails. This is very bizarre. Can someone help? I can only get away with replying to old emails for so long before people from work start accusing me of not working for the whole month of April!
  12. If we're reporting bugs, I found one. The dictionary force closes. I did not install the GB keyboard because I know that has force close issues but in previous versions of Steve's ROM, the dictionary would work if I didn't install the GB keyboard. Otherwise, no other issues I've run into so far although battery life does seem poor.
  13. Glad it's working. All credit to Fards who beat it into my head that I had to do it and Hans A. for the great instructions. Stage isn't everyone's cup of tea but it does what it's supposed to do. For settings, you should try Widgetsoid. It's awesome. The only thing that doesn't work on it is the flashlight function. Method 2 works but it turns on both the LED as well as the screen.
  14. Can't say for sure if it'll help you but I don't have any issues with the audio quality so it's definitely worth a shot. You might also consider getting rid of perfmod given a lot of the experts said it causes problems, including Steve himself!
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