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  1. Pocket Hasami, a Hasami Shogi freeware game for PocketPC and Smartphone (Windows Mobile). This game was developed for the Smartphony Game Development Contest by PocketNew. Hasami Shogi is a famous Japanese chess variant with very simple rules. - This freeware game includes a powerful AI with three difficulty levels. More information : Pocket Hasami
  2. DukWite I is a very challenging action/puzzle brand new 2D scrolling game. Your goal is to reach the exit door in each level. Will you succeed in beating all the levels? Originaly created for the Smartphony Programming Contest, the game is now totally redesigned to improve compatibilities, gameplay and graphics, and also to add levels! Features: - numerous Levels (each next level is harder and more challenging) - Addicting musics - Original color graphics - Sound efects - Zoom option for small screens (smartphone) - Support for every new devices including square screens More information : PocketNew Works on square square screens as well as on QVGA WM6 Smartphones!
  3. PocketNew is proud to announce the release of its new freeware arcade game for Windows Mobile : Fishocopter ! Fishocopter was developed for the Smartphony.fr Coding Contest, if you like it, please vote for it :rolleyes: In Fishocopter you must guide your fish through the sea, avoiding crabs, sea urchins, shells, and other fishs. But to do that you only have two choices : go up, or let gravity do its job. Fishocopter runs on almost every QVGA and VGA PocketPC, Smartphone and PDAPhone, including support for Windows Mobile 5 and WM6. - Features: * Original color graphics by mlab & fmarc * Tons of cool visual effects * Online best scores * Smooth gameplay * Two language (English - French) * Addictive soundtracks * And much more! Fishocopter Page on PocketNew
  4. Strange bug, I'm going to try to fix this... Thank you for reporting it.
  5. I'm happy to see that you like it :rolleyes: olborer, you are right, this is not a very easy game :(
  6. PocketNew is proud to announce the release of its new freeware 3D game for Windows Mobile : JumpyBall ! Ride the bouncing ball! Guide your ball though the levels, avoiding the holes and choosing the fastest path. Features: 3 levels with increasing difficulty An original game mode: auto-jump Musics and sounds Original color 3D graphics Chronometer : be the fastest ! JumpyBall runs on almost every PocketPC, Smartphone and PDAPhone, including support for Windows Mobile 5 and QVGA Smartphones, and is free ! More information : PocketNew
  7. FFRace - Fast Future Race is now available for QVGA enabled Smartphones ! FFRace is a revolutionary high-speed 3D racing game for your Pocket PC or your Smartphone : 3 game modes, 5 different ships to race with... Try it, the free demo let you play on three tracks to train yourself before you buy the full game! For more informations, visit PocketNew website.
  8. Yes, the Smartphone version has exactly 12 levels. But the Pocket PC has 14 levels, that may be why you have heard someone say that there were 'at least' twelve levels.
  9. Osaris

    FFRace now available !

    ;) Sorry if you don't like it...
  10. Osaris

    FFRace now available !

    Yes I'm working on it, but I have still some difficulties with ExtEscape and I don't own any QVGA device to try what I build...
  11. PocketNew is pleased to announce that his new game, FFRace - Fast Future Race is now available for Pocket PC and Smartphone ! FFRace takes you to the world of ship racing, where you will discover what "speed" really means. Championship and illegal races, you will discover what the racing world really looks like... Your job? To be the best! - Features: - 3 game modes and a career mode - 5 different ships to race with - Total races to play : infinite! - Sounds effects, music tracks... - Smoothest racing game on a Pocket PC to date - Original color 3D graphics - And much, much more! Don't wait, try it for free! The free demo let you play on some tracks to train yourself before you buy the full game! Download demo or purchase Here.
  12. Download it from my website: PocketNew.net
  13. Thank you very much for the info, I will try this :o
  14. Wow that's really very very strange... What happens if you deleted the gx.dll file in the game folder? (maybe the C550 use a different gx library)
  15. Update: - enter key now works on the menus - sound volume can be set Same download link for the new version.

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