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  1. Not at all! Got two Hudl2's in fine fettle here just now and actually they will soon be coming up for sale...
  2. Please re-read my first post again noting the operative word "after"... As regards my "second" or endorsement post, I was agreeing with the main subject matter in the 1st and last sentences really... In any event, your Hudl should eventually catch up. This may take days or weeks. It's a bit haphazard like that...
  3. In my ongoing "struggle" to get Tesco to do "the right thing", I have today replied to an ongoing thread I currently have with them thus: Hi Kelly, Ok well since my last email, it appears to have become public knowledge that Tesco is to discontinue the Hudl line? I sincerely hope that Tesco will take steps to provide instructions or an update that will allow unlocking of the bootloader so that the enthusiast community can continue to support the obsolete devices? Perhaps with the help of Pegatron the manufacturer? Regards,
  4. This is going to sound strange but how long did you leave it before deciding that the red light wasn't going to come on?
  5. Those kind of symptoms you describe are not just "hudl 2 issues", they are generic android issues that also affected LOTS of other android devices after updating to Lollipop for the first time and have been reported elsewhere in other forums...
  6. It's possible that a new batch/production run, that just happened to be purple, had a slight hardware update?
  7. That'll be the rub though won't it? I suspect an outfit like Tesco will be going for the low end spec models in order to "stack 'em high and sell' em cheap"!
  8. None.... and I don't think you'll find many others with ideas either as Tesco have the Hudl 2 locked up so tight that it's not really worth the effort. Check out the comments over on xda developers about it...
  9. Tesco selling Microsoft Surface?! Now there is a thought!
  10. You're most welcome. Here's a little more detail from Google's Nexus help pages but it also applies to any other Android device as much... Restore your data and settingsYou can use Android Backup Service to restore your data on a new device and restore app settings after you've backed up your data to your Google account. Restore your data and settings using Android Backup ServiceWhen you add your Google account to a device, the data that you previously backed up for that Google account is restored to the device. Learn what data and settings are restoredGoogle Calendar settingsWi-Fi networks & passwordsHome screen wallpapersGmail settingsApps installed via Google Play (backed up on the Play Store app)Display settings (brightness & sleep)Language & input settingsDate & timeThird-party app settings & data (varies by app) That "varies by app" bit is the grey area I alluded to in an earlier post...
  11. If it doesn't automatically restore as I have described above, then you didn't have your backup setup properly prior to the reset...
  12. Before Factory resetting, your system "Backup & reset" screen should have looked like this... (obviously with your gmail account details in the "Backup account" entry) ...and then to reset, choose (touch) "Factory data reset" on this screen above. This will take you too the next screen where there is a checkbox for you to also erase your SD card, if you have one, at the same time as the reset is carried out. (so, in answer to your question, it is effectively a "soft" reset as opposed to using the android recovery menu...) Once the reset is then gone ahead with and once the machine fully restarts, you'll then get taken through the usual routine to connect your wifi (important to do this before going further!) and then to enter your google account details. Once the machine has logged in, you don't need to do anything further except sit and watch as the restore starts up itself! This may not happen instantaneously that the machine detects an internet connection but it will start on its own eventually. You'll then be presented with a screen that lists all the backups (by date) that Google has for your account on its servers for you to choose... Having chosen the most recent, obviously, what you do have to do then is to wait until the restore has fully completed before trying to use the machine. You'll know when you see your own custom home screen complete with all its icons (may be greyed initially until the relevant app is retrieved and installed again) magically appear... I would also advise leaving it on the charger through this process as, depending on how many applications you had installed previously, it can be quite lengthy and upwards of 30-40 mins to complete... Hope this helps. Colin
  13. They will probably feel that they have fulfilled their legal obligations by releasing it already for the original build.
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